Curly Crafty Mom: Colorful Heart Banner for Valentine's Day {Holiday Craftacular Party & Link Up!}

Monday, January 18, 2016

Colorful Heart Banner for Valentine's Day {Holiday Craftacular Party & Link Up!}

Today I am excited to bring you our Holiday Craftacular Party once again! I am sharing a Colorful Heart Banner for Valentine's Day with you and three other bloggers (see below!) are sharing their Valentine's crafts as well. 

Holiday Craftacular Party - Valentine's Day

Make sure you check out the other great posts by my fellow craft bloggers. They have great project ideas and beautiful Valentine's Crafts to share with you. Take a look below!
Felt Valentine Heart Wreath from Mom Home Guide.
Colorful Heart Banner from Curly Crafty Mom.
DIY Wine Bottle Vases from Beautiful Living.

DIY Valentine Day Mason Jars from Momma Lew.

Back to this Colorful Heart Banner I made for my buffet rack. Target has been killing it with their Dollar Spot lately and I decided to mix a white pom pom string and a gold leather scalloped trim string from their bins with my paper heart banner that I made. The trio looks so cheerful together, I must say!

I also found red burlap hearts at Hobby Lobby and added them to the banner! It is always fun to add a little texture to a banner!

This banner only took me an hour and it has really added some cheer to my home for Valentine's Day! It also was easy and inexpensive to make, which is always a bonus in my book!


So, let's begin... I'll share with you the easy tutorial for making this Colorful Heart Banner:


For the supplies, you'll need three different kinds of paper in colors that go together and then some burlap hearts. Hobby Lobby had red burlap or plain ole burlap colored hearts. You'll also want some THIN ribbon.

I used the burlap heart and traced around it for each heart. I only had to make about 9 (3 of each color) of the paper hearts, so it wasn't worth it to drag my Silhouette machine out. Plus, I wanted the hearts to match the shape of the burlap heart.

Here are all of the hearts after I cut them out.

I tied some ribbon to a burlap heart, which was to be the first heart in the banner and therefore I made the ribbon extra long, so that it'd be easy to tie it for when it came time to hang it up.

Then, I cut a little slit into the paper heart that would go next to the burlap heart and I tied a small piece of ribbon in-between them to hold them together. You'll repeat this for the rest of the hearts and then end the banner with a longer ribbon on the last heart.

All done! This is what the banner looked like once it was completed.


I hope you enjoyed this Colorful Heart Banner! I've also included some of my old Valentine posts below, be sure to check them out:
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Now it's your turn to link up your Valentine themed posts. We can't wait to see what you have to share with us and we will pin our favorites to our Holiday Craftacular Pinterest Board!

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