Curly Crafty Mom: Ipsy Review #15 - February

Monday, February 29, 2016

Ipsy Review #15 - February

Ipsy really outdid itself this month with the bag... it has beading on it in black and white with a red heart! The back of the bag is hot pink, though and I wish it matched the color of the heart. I was excited to receive a SmashBox item this month! The primer oil! Also, all of the other items are really good, too! I love it all! I hit the jackpot this month!!

What is Ipsy?
If you've never heard about Ipsy before, it is a mail subscription that sends you a new makeup pouch each month along with 5 products to sample. And, the kicker? It is ONLY $10 a month! It is also fun to see what others get, because not everyone gets the same products... you fill out a questionnaire and they base your products off of your answers. If you're interested, you can sign up under me, by clicking HERE and I'll earn some points to buy myself extra products. Thanks!

Now, let's review my Ipsy bag!

February Ipsy

Trust Fund Beauty - Nail Polish in I'm Kind of a Big Deal
I was excited to receive a nail polish in a Spring shade that I don't already have. I put this nail polish on my nails on Friday and it is Sunday and it is still going strong without any chips. I used Essie's Gel top coat over it. The polish is nice and thick and dries quickly!
I would rate it 5/5 stars.

Paula Dorf - Baby Eyes Enhancer
You put this eye enhancer on your waterline and the color brightens the lower rim of your eyes. I was hesitant about this really working or showing up, but it really does! I have never put anything on my waterline, for fear it'll smudge or water... but, this is such a light (yet bright) color that it doesn't smudge, run... just brightens! It also has Vitamin E in it that is supposed to help moisturize (not that my waterline needs moisturizing, but I guess it isn't a bad thing!).
I would rate it 5/5 stars.

SmashBox Cosmetic - Photo Finish Primer Oil
I was really excited to receive the SmashBox Photo Finish Primer Oil in this Ipsy bag! The small jar will last a long time, too since you don't need a lot of it! However, I don't think this is the best Photo Finish product for my skin type. I have combination/oily skin and it is not dry at all. I think this oil would be better for people with dry skin types. I prefer the Photo Finish Foundation Primer or even the Primer Water A LOT better (both of which I use and have right now!). I will use this oil up, but I will not purchase it. It did help keep my makeup on, but it made my skin feel oily even when I used it sparingly! The top photo shows me wearing it under my makeup.
I would rate it 4/5 stars.

BellaPierre Cosmetics - Mineral Blush in Desert Rose
This is the first loose powder blush I've owned, but I really like it! The color works with my skin tone and it has a little sparkle to it (but, not too much!). It could show up a little more than it does on my skin, but I think I will wear it a lot on days when I don't want to look overly done up with my makeup. The top photo in this post shows me wearing the blush.
I would rate it 5/5 stars.

Jersey Shore - Vanilla Bean Anti-Aging Lip & Hand Polish
This was my FAVORITE item in my entire Ipsy bag! I give myself a little spa night every other week with a facial and Lush bath and I'll be adding this to it until I run out! You squeeze some of this out of the tube and then lather up (it is sort of a gritty texture, reminds me of a sugar scrub) and then you rinse it off and your hands feel like velvet! I haven't tried it on my lips yet, will probably save it for my hands! Not sure how well it works for anti-aging, I don't have enough to see the results on that.
I would rate it 5/5 stars.

And, if we look back from a YEAR ago... this is my February 2015 box and I'm sharing what I used and what I didn't use...

Products from my February 2015 Box I've Kept or Tossed:

This was a REALLY good Ipsy month. The Hey Honey Take It Off was a lot of fun, being the first 'peel off' face mask that I had ever tried. 

I use the Luxie Beauty Large Angled Face Brush (504) almost every day! And, the ModelCo BLUSH Cheek Powder (in Cosmopolitan) that they sent I use at least every week and I still have a lot left! 

The MCARGO Mini Lip Gloss (in Anguilla) is a nice Spring shade and I will be pulling it out to use again soon!

The only item this month that I haven't really used much, is the Rob Scheppy 'Tini Beauty Eye Shadow (in Pearl Fizz). I already have two Naked palettes and this is just not a shadow I need. I will give it away or toss it, since it hasn't gotten much use in the last year.

To see my February 2015 Ipsy review post, click HERE.

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What did you get in your Ipsy Glam bag this month?
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