Curly Crafty Mom: 5 Dynamic Warm Up Stretches for Runners #LoveDoveFruits

Friday, March 18, 2016

5 Dynamic Warm Up Stretches for Runners #LoveDoveFruits

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We are already into the third month of 2016 and one of my goals this year is to train for my first marathon. I am currently training for my ninth half marathon and it takes a lot of dedication and time. One way I've found to keep myself going while running some of these longer runs is to "reward" myself afterwards. One of my favorite treats after a run is DOVE® Chocolate Fruit & Nut. I have always enjoyed Dove® Chocolate, but the nut combination is great when you are craving something sweet yet you want to keep in line with your goals for the New Year. This better indulgence option makes it easier to stay on track and to reward yourself a little.

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If you are new to running, plan to start running soon or if you are just looking for some new warm up stretches, then you'll want to read about the 5 Dynamic Warm Up Stretches for Runners that I am sharing later in this post.

Untitled UntitledDOVE® Chocolate Fruit & Nut is available in Walmart in the Candy aisle and some stores may have them in a special in store display. I decided to pick up a package of the DOVE® Dark Chocolate Strawberry and Cocoa Almond and DOVE® Dark Chocolate Blueberries.

They are also available in these flavors:

Here is a close up of the DOVE® Dark Chocolate Strawberry and Cocoa Almond. The strawberry pieces are a good size and there is a lot of almonds mixed in.

This is a close up of the DOVE® Dark Chocolate Blueberries. You'll see the blueberries are actual size with a dark chocolate coating. Yum!

Now, let's talk about stretching up for a run!

5 Dynamic Warm Up Stretches for Runners
When I first started running, I was told not to stretch at all before running. But, I was told to stretch AFTER running. For years, this is what I did... However, recently I have been reading that it is good to do some 'Dynamic' Stretches before running and that if you do have time to stretch, you should avoid 'Static' Stretches all together and save them for after your run.

So, what is the difference between a Dynamic Stretch and a Static Stretch? In a Static Stretch, you are holding the stretch in the same position for several seconds. In a Dynamic Stretch, you are stretching and moving at the same time.

Dynamic stretches are important, because they loosen up the muscles you use while you're running and therefore your body is then ready to run. Static stretching is better at the end of a run, because it helps slow your body down and helps to bring your heart-rate down. This will help prevent soreness and will lessen your chance of a running injury.

Now I will share my favorite dynamic stretches with you. These are easy and quick, which is a must since you are already spending a lot of time running!

1. Walking
This one is probably a no-brainer... but, walking before a run is a great dynamic way to warm up. Sometimes I will park further away on race day, so that I have to walk further. This gives my body a chance to warm up dynamically.

2. Hip Circles
Do you ever get side pains when running? Then you may want to add hip circles to your warm up routine! Remember to do the hip circles clockwise and counter clockwise.

3. Walking Lunges
Stand up tall with your feet together and then take a long step forward with one foot. Bend your front knee so that it is 90 degrees and touch the back knee to the floor or as far as you can bend it. Repeat this and take a long step forward with the opposite foot.

4. Leg Swings
Take turns swinging one leg back and forth in front of the body.

5. Butt Kicks
Walk forward while kicking one foot back at a time. Try to kick back as far as you can.

How do you warm up before your work out? What do you reward yourself with after you're done?

If you're looking for a salty and sweet reward after a strenuous workout, be sure to give DOVE® Chocolate Fruit & Nut and DOVE® Chocolate a try!
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