Curly Crafty Mom: An Easy Spring Hairstyle #MousseMarch

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

An Easy Spring Hairstyle #MousseMarch

I can't believe Easter is this Sunday! I always feel caught off guard when Easter is in March. My daughter has naturally curly hair and it is has a mind of its own sometimes, which can be challenging when we are rushing around all day. I just want to do her hair in the morning and for it to stay nice all day with minimal touch-ups in-between photos. Well, today I am sharing with you a hairstyle we tested out last weekend on her hair and it is CUTE and easy! I also used my FAVORITE hair products on her hair!

Introducing SoCozy

Target carries these SoCozy products and they are perfect for my daughters hair (they have a naturally curly line) and for my son's hair, too! Better yet, they even have swim products for the summer. My daughter loves the smell of these products and I love that they contain 'No Nasties' as in no paragons, sulfates, phthalates, synthetic color, etc. All of these products (and the curly products, which aren't pictured) were sent to me c/o SoCozy. When I run out of these products, I will be buying more out of my own pocket. #truth I love them that much!

And, a smile like this is worth it! Because, trust me... I'll do anything to make it easier in the morning when I need to help her do her hair! We are slowly working on getting her to do her own hair and these little bottles are so easy for her to handle. #2ndgradegoal



Easy Spring Up-Do Braid with Double Bows
1. Wash with SoCozy Boing Shampoo and Conditioner. If your child has a different type of hair, So Cozy has other Shampoo and Conditioner products.

2. Spray hair with SoCozy Detangler.

3. Apply SoCozy Curly Boing Curl Gel-Cream OR So Cozy Styling Gel (Medium Hold) to damp hair.

4. Take a brush and brush hair out. Use a wet comb and part hair into two piggy tails and secure with hair ties.

5. Braid each piggy tail tightly and secure at the end with a hair tie.

6. Fold each braid across the head and wrap around the other braid. Secure with bobby pins.

7. Add a pretty small to medium sized bow to each side to finish it off. And, you're all done!

This easy hairstyle stayed put in my daughters hair ALL day long! Even when we went to the zoo and she ran around all day! This hairstyle was SO easy that I may even do this on school mornings for something different.

SoCozy Product of the Month

SoCozy sent me their product of the month, which is their SoCozy Styling Mousse! I tried this product out on my daughters hair and it really works well! I usually apply it to her hair when it is dry in the morning (we do baths at night). I scrunch and twirl my fingers around some of her hair to define some curls around her face. 

It also smells SO good! I can smell it on her hair hours later, just a really light peach fragrance. My daughter thinks it smells so good that she even tries to sneak it away to put on her dolls. Sigh. ;)

Have you tried any of the SoCozy products? If not, which would you try?
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