Curly Crafty Mom: Give Extra, Get Extra with an Adorable Personalized Mason Jar

Friday, March 25, 2016

Give Extra, Get Extra with an Adorable Personalized Mason Jar

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Extra6_650I have started to work on my home office this year, since I do a lot of work on the blog. It is nice to have a creative space of my own. I also like to have a little something on my desk to chew on when I want to get my creative juices started, or to share with an unexpected guest that stops by. 

That's when I thought of the idea to Give Extra, Get Extra with an Adorable Personalized Mason Jar. 

I decided to display an adorable jar with my monogram on it on the top of my 3-tier stand in my office. This mason jar is filled with the Extra® Gum Spearmint. Walmart is now carrying the new Extra® 35-stick pack that makes it easy to fill an entire mason jar. Now you definitely have more to share!

These new, larger packages ensure you're getting more of the gum that you love. They even feature durable, recycled packaging that won't get torn up in your purse. You won't mind sharing your gum when you're carrying such a big pack on you. And, you won't experience the dreaded out-of-stock feeling when you give out your last piece. I decided to try out both flavors, the Extra® Gum Spearmint and Extra® Gum Polar Ice®

Untitled Untitled
The new Extra® 35-stick pack is easy to find in the checkout line at Walmart.

How to Make a Give Extra, Get Extra Personalized Mason Jar

I laid out my design in Silhouette Studio and sent it over to my machine to print. Make sure that you have 'Cut Edge' and 'Vinyl' selected before you print.

Make2 Make3
After you've cut your vinyl on your Silhouette, peel away the excess vinyl away from your design. Then, take a piece of backing paper and peel off the white layer on it to reveal the sticky side of the backing paper. 

Make4 Make5
Press your backing paper (sticky side facing your vinyl design) and press firmly. You'll want to make sure there is no air pockets and to rub firmly over thin areas of the vinyl design. Peel the backing paper off of the vinyl paper and you'll see that your vinyl design will now be on the backing paper.

Make6 Make7
Place your backing paper with vinyl design on your mason jar. Once again, press firmly to transfer it over to the mason jar. Peel away the backing from the jar carefully and your design will now be on the jar!

Make8 Make9
Now that your vinyl design is done, let's start on the round fabric button flower for the top of the jar. First, you'll cut a piece of fabric to 12"x3". Fold it in half and iron for a crisp edge.

Make10 Make11
Take a needle and thread and lovely thread along side the OPEN edge of the strip of fabric. Make sure you thread it a few extra times at the beginning to create a knot on the edge. Then, gently pull the thread and it will bunch up the fabric and make a round ruffle.

Make13 Make14
Sew the flower together along the edge, it will be barely noticeable if you use a thread color that blends in with your fabric. Hot glue a button onto the top of the fabric. Take the lid to your mason jar and hot glue the round inner seal to the lid and let it dry. This will make the lid ONE piece instead of two pieces. Then, hot glue the flower to the top of the mason jar. 

The end result is this GORGEOUS ruffled bow for the top of your mason jar!

I plan to keep this mason jar filled to the rim with Extra® Gum 35-stick packages. One package filled the entire jar! I will keep an extra pack in my desk drawer in case I need it for on the go. I can quickly put it in my purse and I won't need to worry about the package getting torn or bent up, thanks to the new durable plastic case. I love that the new, durable Extra® Gum 35-stick packages have more gum and allow for more sharing between family, friends and coworkers! 

How exciting is it to Give Extra, Get Extra by having this adorable personalized Mason jar on your desk? I am sure my kids will sneak a piece out of the jar, too!

What ideas do you have to Give Extra, Get Extra with Extra® 35-stick packs? Don't forget to tag your pictures with #GIVEEXTRAGETEXTRA and #Walmart

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