Curly Crafty Mom: My first UNBOXING Video - {Peaches & Petals - March}

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

My first UNBOXING Video - {Peaches & Petals - March}

Hi everyone!! Today is a BIG day here at Curly Crafty Mom, because I am sharing my VERY first VIDEO! Brian got me a Canon Rebel T6i  for Christmas last December and one of my goals this year on the blog was to start publishing some videos using my camera. Well, it has been a lot of work, but I have the video ready for you to view today!

I learned so much while filming and working in this video. I had to buy a special camera card for my camera, find a spot in the house with natural lighting, download and learn how to use iMovie for the Mac AND... I spent HOURS editing it. I really need to say 'Ummm' a lot less next time- so I don't have to edit it out a hundred times! ;) I really think filming these videos will help me to become a better public speaker and I hope to incorporate different kinds of videos (outfit shoots and DIY/crafts) later on! For my next video I want to shoot closer to my face and I need to purchase a microphone. I also want to create an intro graphic for my videos... so much to do, if only I had more time!

Please watch my video, subscribe to my channel, give me a thumbs up and share (thank you!). I would REALLY appreciate it! Also, if you have any advice or tips to help me out with future videos, leave me a comment! I'm hoping to improve my videos over time, I felt a little overwhelmed this time around! Whew!

So, here you go...

Peaches & Petals UnBoxing - March

So, a little about Peaches & Petals... Peaches & Petals is a subscription box and new to me. I am sharing my VERY first box with them in this video and I will also share what I received below with photos (if you don't have time to watch the video, or if you want more details).

What I like about Peaches & Petals is that they send you a HUGE monthly box. It isn't just beauty products, but a variety of items for women. I already subscribe to Ipsy and it is nice to receive some 'larger' beauty products such as bath bombs and also other non-beauty items, such as mugs, adult coloring books, etc.

AND, if you share your Peaches & Petals box on Social Media, they will include an extra item in your box the next month... just for sharing it! Isn't that awesome?

So, how do you get signed up?
You can use my referral code by clicking HERE and you'll also get 25% off your first box! Every box after your first box will be $19.99 per month. You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

March Items in My Peaches & Petals Box
Untitled Untitled
"Color Me Inspired" Mug with Spoon - I don't have a lot of mugs, nor do I have one with a spoon... but, this mug is just too cute not to love! I am sure my kids will love it, too! It'll be a great mug to put cereal, oatmeal or soup in!

Tri-Color Bath Bomb - I take a bath every other week and I enjoyed this bath bomb just last Sunday. I wouldn't say it is up there with my Lush bath products, but it wasn't bad. It had a pleasant scent and it was fun to watch it fizz in the warm bath water. This bath bomb didn't add any bubbles to the water, which was my only complaint.

Untitled Untitled
Colorful Surprise - This item will vary from box to box. Don't forget to share what your colorful item was! We hope you love it! My colorful surprise was this Pretty in Pink Ultra-Slim Portable Power Bank. I am so excited to receive this, it'll be great to take with me when we go to Italy this summer. It is really thin and will fit in my back pocket or in a clutch. The cord it came with doesn't plug into my iPhone, but I had one around the house that worked.

Eye Majic Eyeshadow - This is eyeshadow on an applicator that you press on your eye lid and slide it across to 'set' the colors on your lid. It came with two and I tried the first set yesterday and it really does give you a dramatic look! I plan to wear the last applicator in the evening next time for a special occassion. I did use a smudge brush to blend the colors together on the edges for a more smoky look.

Untitled Untitled
Stress Relieving Coloring Book - I was excited to receive this adult cooling book, even though I have two others around the house.

Colored Pencil Set with Sharpener - These colored pencils are too cute to put away, so I have them displayed on my desk right now. The lid even has a sharpener on it! These pencils will be great to tuck in my purse or bag with the coloring book when I'm on the go and I know I'll have some time to color on the plane, park, beach, etc.

What I Ate Book - This is a small book that lets you write down what you ate for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and Snacks! It is really cute and small enough to carry with you. I plan to use it to help me to see what I eat daily and to avoid overeating sugary and salty snacks/desserts. I may also take it with us to Italy, so I can write down what we eat there (so I don't forget later when I blog about it).

Well, that's it! I haven't received my April Peaches & Petals box yet, so I will probably have that video for you in May! And, don't forget... if you want to subscribe to the box, you can use my referral code by clicking HERE and you'll get 25% off your first box!
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