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Monday, May 23, 2016

Monogrammed Fabric Pots {Summer Craftacular Blog Hop}

Today I am excited to bring you our Summer Holiday Craftacular Party once again! I am sharing these Monogrammed Fabric Pots with you and four other bloggers (see below!) are sharing their Summer crafts as well. 

I've been wanting to try mod podging fabric on terra cotta pots for awhile! With floral being such a popular fabric right now, I decided upon two different floral fabrics at Hobby Lobby along with a spring green chevron fabric. I've also been really into HTV (heat transfer vinyl) lately and I was curious if I would be able to apply my monogram onto the fabric and then mod podge it to the pot without any wrinkles. Well, you know what? It worked and it was SO easy!
I used Pro World's Siser EasyWeed Vinyl By The Yard 15" in the Lilac colorThese pots would make great gifts for a special friend in your life, Mother's Day, teacher appreciation, etc.

Here are some more photos of the Monogrammed Fabric Pots:






How to Add a Monogram to Your Fabric Pots:
For this project, I used Pro World's Siser EasyWeed Vinyl By The Yard 15" in the Lilac color for the heat transfer vinyl material. In the Silhouette Studio, you'll want to create your monogram. I purchased this monogram set awhile back, it is called the 'Ellipse Monogram'. You'll want to size your monogram to the correct print size. Then, don't forget to select Object, Mirror and Flip Horizontally. After that, you are ready to print! On the cut screen, I selected Cut Edge and Heat Transfer Vinyl. It says to set your blade to '2', but I had to bump it up to a '4' to get it to cut through the vinyl. My blade isn't particularly dull, I just think sometimes you need to figure out what works for your machine with the different mediums you load into it. That is why you may want to do a 'test' cut first.

After it is done printing, you'll want to remove the excess vinyl around your monogram. Your design will be on a clear backing after you do this and will look like the photo above.

Lay your design on top of the fabric you want to iron it onto so that it is face side up. Put a thin piece of fabric on top of it (so the iron doesn't burn it) and apply the heat from the iron. This may take a little time as you'll want to apply a lot of heat to it to adhere it to the fabric. Once you're done, pull up the plastic of the design and you'll see the vinyl will stay adhered to the fabric. If it doesn't, you'll need to apply for heat from the iron until it does.

Once the monogram is on your fabric, you are ready to mod podge it to the pot. As you'll see in the photo above, it looks great on the pot! I share the mod podge directions below, so keep reading!

How to Make Fabric Pots with Mod Podge:
You'll need three 4" terra cotta pots with lids, fabric, mod podge (I recommend the outdoor kind) and spray paint. You'll also need heat transfer vinyl if you plan to monogram them (not pictured).

CreateFabricPot2 CreateFabricPot3
I took the lids outside to spray paint them white. You can get creative with this and spray paint them an accent color or whatever you want to do. I purchased some little 'footies' at Lowes, which I put under the lids to hold them off the scrap paper while I spray painted them.

CreateFabricPot4 CreateFabricPot5
Measure your pot to see how how much fabric you need. I added an inch of fabric for the top and bottom, since you'll be wrapping the fabric over the top and bottoms of the pot.

Cut your fabric to the size you need for each pot. Don't forget to iron your fabric, so you don't have any creases or wrinkles.

CreateFabricPot9 CreateFabricPot10
Mod podging the fabric onto the pot is easier than you'd think! I did a little section at a time and would add some mod podge to the pot with a sponge brush and then roll the fabric on top and smooth out any wrinkles. When you're done, add some mod podge on top of the fabric that overlaps at the end so that it is sealed and won't come open.

CreateFabricPot11 CreateFabricPot13
You will have some overlap of fabric on the top and bottom of your pots. You'll want to take some fabric scissors and cut the fabric every 1" or so, otherwise it won't lay flat when you mod podge it to the top/bottom of the pot.

This is what your pot will look like when its done.

I hope you enjoyed this summer project! These are going to be so pretty out on our patio this summer!

Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Pro World sent me vinyl in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% mine.

Summer Craftacular Party
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