Curly Crafty Mom: Easy Summer Picnic Dinner by Mom Home Guide

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Easy Summer Picnic Dinner by Mom Home Guide

Lauren from Mom Home Guide is here to go a Guest Post about putting together an Easy Summer Picnic Dinner Today!
I love picnic meals during the summer because I can use a variety of fruits, breads/crackers, meats and cheeses for our meal. For our picnic meals, I usually choose things that are easy to throw together. Today I’ll share a picnic dinner that I recently made for me and my daughters one night when my husband had to work late.

Sliced watermelon
Brie cheese
Monterey Jack cheese
Roasted Chick Peas (I purchased a “Korean BBQ” variety)
Hard Salami

This meal is easy to serve. To serve our picnic dinner, all I do is pile all the ingredients on one big plate. My kids are older (they just turned 13), so they can cut their cheeses and salami themselves. If you have younger children, you might want to cube the salami and cheese so your kids can just place a cube on a cracker to eat it.

My kids adore picnic dinners! It’s fun to have a variety of foods at meal time and to be able to pick and choose exactly what you want. I served iced tea – another family favorite – with this dinner.


Other Picnic Ingredients
There is a big variety of fun foods you could include in a picnic meal. These are a few options that you could consider:

Cut oranges or apples
Rolled up sandwich meats
Soft cheese spreads
Fresh bread
Bagels and cream cheese
Pita bread and hummus
Baby carrots
Celery Sticks
Peanut Butter (for spreading on celery or carrot sticks or on crackers)
Deviled eggs
Melon balls
Fresh strawberries or other berries
Cookies, brownies or other dessert
Corn Tortilla chips

Summer Fun
My daughters and I recently got new bikes, so I’m hoping to pack some picnic lunches (that will fit in our bicycle baskets) so we can go exploring together on our bicycles! We also have some really pretty hiking trails and parks near us, so I plan to pack some picnics for us for some summer fun together!

Do you have picnic favorites that you like to serve your family? Please share in the comments!
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