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Monday, August 15, 2016

Currently {August}

I used to link up with Becky at Choose Happy for her Currently link up every month, but she hasn't been doing it. SO, I thought I'd still do it on my own. :) It's just a great way to update you all on what I've been up to besides the usual DIY/outfit posts!



My Birthday

Last Wednesday was my birthday and I got this...
Which is my free Sephora birthday gift! They had a pink lipstick (I can't remember the brand) or this box with a fresh face wash and mask! I am really into face masks right now, so I decided to try it out. The scent is really refreshing and it is indeed gentle. I also wanted to get the Urban Decay Smoky Palette while there and they were completely OUT of stock. I wasn't happy, so I went home and ordered it online from Nordstrom. Don't worry, I did pick up a couple of other goodies while in Sephora... an Urban Decay Vice lippy and a Beauty Blender NUDE (because, the pink one always stains anyway!). If you want to see these goodies up close, be sure to follow me on SnapChat at @curlycraftymom or... there is always Instagram Stories, too! lol!

AND I got this for my birthday!
I put an iWatch on my wish list, but I never, ever thought my husband would actually buy me one. It amazing what I can all do on this watch. I had my grocery list on it the other day at the store and I was just scrolling down the list while shopping. SO, so awesome! If you have an iWatch, I'd love to know in the Comments... and, if you have any tips I'd love to hear those, too! I plan to do an iWatch post maybe closer to Christmas shopping time once I get to know my watch better... :)

Marathon Training
Two Saturdays ago I PR'ed at 15 miles. I had never, ever ran 15 miles before... but, I did it! It was pretty exciting for our group (so, of course we did a group photo) and next Saturday I'll be running 16 miles. We will top at 21 miles in mid-September before scaling off on the miles before the Chicago marathon in October. I have to say. I was pretty scared to join Fleet Feet's running group for marathon training. Terrified. I thought I'd fail or I wouldn't fit into the group. What can I say? Spending Tuesdays at speed workouts on the track and Saturday mornings doing our long run (and breakfast) with this group has been AWESOME! These folks have my back and I feel like I've made some wonderful friends in such a short time. My husband even went with me to celebrate my coach's birthday party this weekend and he got to meet them. He agreed that they are a great group and I am so lucky. 

Unfortunately, I am still 100% sure this will be my last marathon and I am going to MISS this bunch so much after the marathon is over. :( I don't even want to think about it yet. But, for me to give up half of my Saturday, my Tuesday evenings and two more runs each week... let me put it, marathon training is time-consuming and TOUGH. I am constantly sore, which isn't fun. I thought I had every area on my body coated in body glide for where I was having chafing and TA-DA... a new place got chafed! And, that is just the tip of the iceberg. When this marathon is over... I am crossing it off my bucket list and doing a happy dance for putting my body through all this for one of my biggest goals! But, I will miss my Fleet Feet group tremendously. So, I am sure there will be some tears over that when it's all over.

Marathon training is ALL I'm doing right now. But, I hope to get back into my Jillian when its over or maybe here and there for a little cross training. However, at 4 runs a week and miles in the mid-30's every week right now... I can't fit the Jillian into my schedule!

I have been really, really happy with all of the products that SoCozy has sent me. Recently, they sent me a package of their Summer Must-Haves and I tried them out during a pool day with my daughter. They sent us the Splash 3in1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Wash, Swim Leave-In Treatment + Detangler, Bling2o Goggles and this adorable fish swim bag she's holding!

You can tell by this face that she is SUPER happy about these products and these adorable Bling2o goggles she is wearing (aren't the little daisies on them TOO cute?). I love that the Swim Leave-In Treatment + Detangles helps get out all of those little tangles your hair gets after you swim and it is formulated with UVA/UVB filters that protect, repair and restore damaged hair.

When we got home we used the Splash 3in1 Shampoo + Conditioner + Wash and it was sort of a charcoal color... well, that's because it activated charcoal adsorbs and removes unwanted green tones, calcium salts, and chlorine buildup from the hair. My daughters hair felt and looked great afterwards!

Right now you can head over to and get 40% Off Splash products through August 31st! Use code SummerSqueeze40 at checkout! #SplashHappy

51s8roIRaZL 51Y0eAmT1xL
I finished these two books while flying home from Italy last month. I actually started The Rosie Project on the flight and read it from start to finish all in one flight! That's when you know you're on an international flight! Whew!

Marathon The Ultimate Training Guide was a great read for a first time marathoner such as myself. I started training with his marathon plan, but now I am training with a slightly different plan through my Fleet Feet group. Hal has a great sense of humor and includes a lot of quotes in his book. He talks a lot about hydration and fuel, that first time marathoners shouldn't worry about speed training and he also cautions on what not to do. I still had a lot of questions after reading the book and I feel that a lot of those have been answered by actually running with others that are training for a marathon and that have ran in a marathon (or more). I still highly recommend this book to anyone planning on running a marathon!

The Rosie Project was a nice fluffy read for a long, tiring flight. It had a nice fluffy ending, too which made me happy. The Rosie Project is about Don, who is in his thirties and still unmarried. Don is really... particular about what he likes, he has a schedule for everything (meal plans, his evenings etc.) and wow... that's all great expect sometimes life happens and your schedule goes off course. Don decides to make a questionnaire to find THE perfect wife and... well, life happens once again and you'll have to read the book to find out what actually happens and IF he does find someone close to perfect!

I just started this book after hearing so many good reviews about it. I'm not too far in, but hope to review it next month. :)

Organic Products
I was excited to receive a box of goodies from Promise Organic recently. They sent me their brand new Coconut Milk Daily Facial Scrub with Sugar and Walnut and Nourishing Coconut Milk Hand Cream with Shea Butter

I take care to wash my face every morning and evening religiously and sometimes I like to exfoliate with a natural exfoliator. The facial scrub is gentle enough to use daily, I hate when an exfoliator is really harsh on your skin (especially your face). It also smells so, so good. I really just want to take a minute to smell the product as soon as I pop open the lid. Ahhh. :)

The hand cream smells really good, too and keeps my hands moisturized for awhile!

I always forget to moisturize in the summer, because my skin doesn't dry out as fast as it does in the summer. One way I remember is to keep a bottle of lotion next to the bed and I always put some on my hands before bed. I also like to moisturize after a home mani, it just feels so good! You can find Promise Organic products at CVS.

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Well, that is all I have today. Have a great Monday!
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