Curly Crafty Mom: Find out WHY Box Tops ARE worth all the trouble and HOW you can start collecting them TODAY!

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Find out WHY Box Tops ARE worth all the trouble and HOW you can start collecting them TODAY!

Have you finished your back to school shopping yet? Right now, you can shop at Walmart and earn FIVE Box Tops for your school on select General Mills products.

You can easily see which products are available and even print out a check list for these products HERE.

I've talked about Box Tops on my blog before, because I truly believe they can help your school! So, today I am sharing WHY Box Tops are worth all the trouble and HOW you can start collecting them TODAY!!

Why Box Tops ARE Worth the Trouble
My kids go to a small private Lutheran school... my son will have 11 kids in his fifth grade class, my daughter will have 14 in her second grade class. This is the school that my brother and I went to and it is also our church. We LOVE, love, love this school... the small class sizes, the excellent teachers and the focus on learning and faith-building makes it a perfect fit for my kids and our family. However, because the school is small and private... there isn't a lot of extra money to go around. Yes, the school has smart boards, updated their preschool playground recently and even has Chrome books for the students... but, sometimes the teachers need a little more for their classrooms.

Our school is great about collecting Box Tops from their parents/families and they usually do it in a way that the different grades/classrooms have competitions throughout the year to see who can collect the most boxtops. The winning class will receive a dress down day, a day where they don't have to wear their uniform! Sometimes instead of the contests, they will send home a sheet for you to paste Box Tops on. This helps out the teachers and they receive a little extra spending money for their classrooms! One of Nathan's teachers bought a rug for her classroom when Nathan was in preschool and the kids would draw popsicles with a letter on it and they would sit on that rug on the letter the drew that day.

Each Box Tops Clip is worth 10 cents for your school. Each eligible school may earn up to $20,000 cash per year. That is HUGE.

Yes, it is a lot of trouble to remember to look to see if there is a Box Top and to cut the box top off each box before you recycle or throw it away. But, it only takes a second to cut that Box Top off and to stow it away somewhere safe (I keep mine in one of my old Ipsy bags in a cabinet in our kitchen). When you think about it, it is money for your school that you are throwing away if you don't take the time to collect that Box Top. Money that could be beneficial to your child AND the school.

How you Can Start Collecting Box Tops TODAY
It is so easy for you to start to collect box tops. First, you can start your back to school shopping at Walmart... Walmart has a 5-for-1 Box Tops initiative right now on select General Mills products. On this box of Chocolate Cheerios, you'll see that it has FIVE Box Tops! Cut the 1 Box Top off the box and then also clip this 4 Bonus Box Tops Certificate! Turn it into your school and you are set!

Here are a couple of products I found at my local Walmart with 5 Box Tops! You'll see that the 5 Box Tops is clearly marked on the front of the boxes.

Don't forget to visit your local Walmart, shop General Mills’ products and then clip, send and earn to help your school out!

I'd love to hear how you've help your school out with Box Tops in the comments.
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