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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Front Porch Makeover - Door & Bench Touch Up {Curb Appeal Blog Hop}

FrontofHouse_Week2_650It is Week 2 of the Curb Appeal Blog Hop! Last week I shared the 'before' photos of our front porch and my ideas on making it look more appealing. You can see Week 1's post by clicking HERE

This week I am sharing a couple of projects we took on over Memorial Day. It seems whenever there is a long holiday, my husband and I land up painting SOMETHING. Usually it is a room, but this time I painted our front door and my husband stained the bench that is on our front porch (oh, did it need it!). As a bonus, he even stained the mailbox!

Before Photo

After Photo
Doesn't the white door make a HUUUUUGE difference?!! The bench is also stained, but I put the old cushion back on it until the new one arrives from Amazon.

More After Photos (and then I'll explain how we did everything!)
I moved the wreath from hanging it on the siding to the front door. However, this wreath is too 'thick' and I can't close our storm door when it is hanging on the door! Bummer! So, I will be on the lookout for a new wreath to purchase, since I don't have time to DIY one right now. I am tired of hanging a wreath on the siding, because the birds ALWAYS make a nest in it and get my wreath dirty! As cute as it is to see little baby birds hatch from eggs, the clean up afterwards is not worth it!

You'll also see I added a decal to the door with gold vinyl that Pro World provided me. I have been wanting a decal on our front door and after much looking around on Pinterst, I knew I wanted an initial monogram on our door! I am really pleased with how it turned out!

Sadly, I will have be putting this summer wreath back into storage in our basement. In past summers I have hung it on the house. I am bummed it won't work out on our door!


Here is what our new white door looks like from the inside of our home.

I will share more detail shots of the bench once I get the new seat cover and I 'might' change the pillows on it to something else. Now, let me get into the details on how we updated the front door and bench.

Painting the Front Door
I have been wanting to paint the front door white for quite some time. The brown storm door over the brown door is just TOO dark.

Untitled Untitled
On Friday afternoon, I washed the door with a sponge and water. No soap. Then, my husband and I headed to Lowes on Friday night after dinner. I never, ever go to Lowes on a Saturday morning to get things I need for a paint project. It is always SO crowded in the paint department on Saturday mornings, because everyone else is starting a project, too! Take my advice and go on Friday evening, you'll only have 1-2 people in front of you. Since Lowes has some home decor items, I picked up a new door mat while there, too! And a 100 watt bulb for the outdoor wall light that we are receiving from Lamps Plus later this week.

Untitled Untitled
At Lowes, I purchased their Valspar semi-gloss EXTERIOR paint and the color I selected for our door was Snowcap White.

Untitled Untitled
I did two coats of primer (1 hour  dry time between each coat) and two coats of the white paint (4 hours dry time between each coat).

After I painted our door, I knew I wanted to add one of these cute decals on my door. I have gold vinyl and Silhouette machine, so I knew I could whip one up myself.

Adding a Decal to Our Door
If you don't have a Silhouette machine, the easiest way to get a vinyl door decal is to buy one from off of Etsy for around $10-15. I have been using my Silhouette machine for over a year now, so I knew I could whip up my own in 15 minutes.

I used Pro World's FDC Ultra High Gloss Sign Vinyl in the Gold color.

I measured my door to figure out what size to make the vinyl decal. I then set it to 'cut edge', vinyl and my blade was at 3. 

Untitled Untitled
After the vinyl prints, remove the vinyl in all of the negative areas. Then, take your transfer paper and peel off the white solid side to reveal the sticky side of the transfer paper. Place your vinyl design (vinyl side onto sticky side of transfer paper) onto the transfer paper and smooth it out. Pull the white paper that the vinyl was on off of the transfer paper. You'll see that your vinyl design is now on the transfer paper!

Untitled Untitled
Now, stick your transfer paper with vinyl side down onto your door EXACTLY where you want it. I had my husband line up a leveler on the bottom of it to make sure it was level and he also measured it on both sides with a tape measure. You want it to be PERFECT, if you mess up you'll have a hard time removing this from your door to correct it. I know, no pressure, right? ;) Once you have it lined up, smooth it out over your door and peel off the transfer paper and your vinyl will adhere to the door.

Staining the Bench
Here is a before photo of our bench that is 10 years old and purchased from Sears Home. I really love this bench on our front porch, but its starting to look its age. I decided to have Brian wash and stain it with some stain we already had around the house. It didn't take him long and the bench looks so much better.

Untitled Untitled
In the first photo, the cushions on the bench look OK... but, in this second photo you can see there is a lot of mildew on them. I was going to try to get it off with a Magic Eraser, but it is just impossible. I did get some extra use out of these cushions by flipping them over, but I've decided that getting a new cushion would be the best plan.

I decided to look for a cushion online. If I wanted to have some cushions custom made to match the cushions that were already on our bench, it would run us around $175 for a seat cushion and another $175 for a back cushion! No way! I decided to buy a cushion off of Amazon (I had a gift card, so it was free) from the Home Decorators Collection. This is a St. Louis store and they had a wide variety of sizes, colors and patterns to choose from. I've decided to just get a seat cushion for the bench and not a back cushion. It was just too hard to find a way to make it work and since I already put a few pillows on the bench, I didn't think it'd be a big deal to lose the back cushion. I had trouble deciding on what color/pattern to get, so I took a photo and sent it around to some friends/family to help... but, if you're curious, I selected the top/taupe cushion. I like a neutral so that I can have fun with the pillows!

Untitled Untitled
Brian working on the bench, it's so fun to get photos of the hubs in action! And, here is what the bench looked like after he stained it. So much better!

Please be sure to stop by my friends’ blogs to check out what they plan for the curb appeal projects. Also, stop by next week to see what I’ve completed for the third part of my project!

Mom Home Guide

Simple Nature Decor

Have you ever painted your door or had to replace cushions on an odd sized bench? How'd it go?

Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Pro World sent me vinyl in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% mine.

Monday, May 30, 2016

Learning More About Your Last Name {National Photo Month}

Happy Memorial Day everyone! I wanted to send out a HUGE thank you to everyone who has served this country and devoted their lives to protecting our freedom. I know that May is almost done with and we are about to welcome June and hit the pools... but, did you know that May is also National Photo Month?

I recently got THIS frame, because I love to put our last name everywhere in our house AND I also collect wine-themed items. I also like that each photo is something wine related in the shape of a letter. There are 8 letters on Albrecht and I can just imagine all of the creativity put into thinking out different shapes with wine bottles, wine corks, etc. for all the letters of the alphabet. Plus, no letter is repeated with the same pattern twice... Amazing!

When I think of National Photo Month, I don't just think of photos themselves, but I think of crafts, tips, inspiration, etc. I have a lot of photos of our family around the house, but it it also neat to think of finding letters in everyday objects and taking a photo of it.

While pondering where to hang up this new frame, I started to think more about our last name and I came up with some tips on how you can learn more about your own last name.

Learning More About Your Last Name
1. Do a Google Search of your last name and meaning. I found out that Albrecht is an ancient and noble German surname, which includes the Dukes of Albrecht of Albrechtberg. 'Aedel' means noble and 'beorht' means bright, or possibly shining. It's funny that Brian and I collect so many Paris and wine-themed items when our last name is German! ;)

2. Dig deeper and look up your last name on Wikipedia. Wikipedia had information about Albrecht, but it didn't for my maiden name or some other last names. For our last name, it mainly listed the meaning and several famous people with the Albrecht last name (see HERE).

3. Look up your last name's Coat of Arms, you can do this by going on Google and typing in your last name and coat of arms. I clicked on the 'Image' search bottom to bring up all of the coat of arms for Albrecht.

4. Ask relatives about your last name, especially great grandparents, grandparents, etc. They can share important details, photographs and stories that may be forgotten over time. 

One story that my mom has told me about our family is that her grandparents parents came over on the boat and that my grandpa and grandma met when my grandfather served in WWII. Him and my grandma became pen pals and then later met after he was done with his service. They got married and started a farm in rural Illinois. I thought this would be a nice story to share on this Memorial Day as I miss both of my grandparents dearly. I need to ask my mom if she still has their letters.

Another story is that I was named after my great aunt (my grandpa from the above story- his sister) Carolina. Except, I was named after her nickname 'Carrie'. Aunt Carrie lived in an apartment and when she first moved into it, she could look out and see horse carriages going down the street. She lived to be a little over a hundred years old and I still have a heirloom from her, an initial 'C' ring, pictured above.

5. Go on a site such as to find out more. You can see that in 1840 the Albrechts only occupied the Eastern half to the U.S. and by 1920 they were in most of the U.S., including Alaska!

Sunday, May 29, 2016

The Creative Corner Link Up Party & Weekly Recap - 05/29/16

Today's Feature is String Art Flag by All Things Heart & Home.

Every week I like to share a little recap of my week at the start of this party.

Time for some weekly recap photos:
Untitled Untitled
Last week was the kids first week of summer break! We went to the zoo and did the riverwalk, rode on the train and had a lot of fun. Here is a couple of photos of me and the kids on the train. If you follow me on SnapChat (@curlycraftymom), you saw my fun train video!

Untitled Untitled
I also took the kids to see the new Angry Birds movie and signed them up for the library reading program!

Brian and I went to IHOP one night this week for a late dinner and it was SO good. I always get their large cappuccinos and the waitress brought me out a second one right away... apparently they come with a free refill, who knew?!

And, I hope you are all having a wonderful Memorial Day Weekend! I'll be back with a post tomorrow ON Memorial Day. We have been doing a lot of work on the front porch this weekend to get things ready for my next Curb Appeal post on Tuesday. Stay tuned!

Welcome back to our DIY/Craft Link Up Party! Thank you for stopping by every week!

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Check out what my fellow bloggers have been up to and don’t forget to check out my feature for this week as well.
Taco Bar Party Ideas from The Southern Couture.
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The Creative Corner link party | Come to inspire, stay to be inspired. Share your latest DIY, craft, and home decor posts! 
String Art Flag
Last week Robin from All Things Heart and Home shared her String Art Flag. I have done string art in the past, but you'll be amazed at the process she followed to make the string the right color, to line up the nails correctly, etc. to create this beautiful string art flag! She shares photos on her blog of the flag outside, but I am sharing the photo of where she has placed it in front of the fireplace in her summer mantle. Be sure to check out all of the tips she gives on her blog.

Now hop over to all the other cohost’s blogs and see what caught their eye this week. You just might be featured there too! Don’t forget to grab this button if you’ve been featured.

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Friday, May 27, 2016

My second UNBOXING Video - {Peaches & Petals - April}

Well, I finally have my April Peaches & Petals Subscription Box to review today! They have three mailing dates that they do throughout the month and I am on the last week, so that is why I am sharing the April box now. This box also ran an extra week behind, because they ran out of stock on one of the items... but, to make up for it, they sent me an EXTRA item! No complaints here!

Here is the letter they sent me with an apology and their mention of an extra item in the box.

I am sharing ANOTHER unboxing video, my second one with my new Canon Rebel T6i! I am getting a little more comfortable in iMovie and I even color-corrected my entire movie this time. I'm still looking into a mic and a new 'skinny' lens, which may be great birthday gifts for me in August (hint, hint to the hubs!).

I think one goal I want to work towards is cutting down my videos to around 5-6 minutes, instead of my usual 10-13 minutes. I think it'll hold everyones attention more and I'll just try to talk less! And, it'll also make editing more of a breeze with less frames to edit. I also need to stop saying, 'Ummm...', 'Annnnd...', 'So...' and I also tend to call things 'little XXX' a lot. If I could learn to talk a little better in front of the camera, my editing time would be cut in half!

I'd appreciate your support, please watch my video, subscribe to my channel, give me a thumbs up, share if you want and I love comments. I got a lot of comments, like and views on my last video THANKS to all of my supportive readers!!! I appreciate it so much! And, if there is any suggestions you have, leave it in the comments below or on You Tube!

So, here we go...

Peaches & Petals UnBoxing - April

A little about Peaches & Petals... Peaches & Petals is a subscription box and new to me. This is my second box with them. I share what I have received in this video AND in the photos pictured below (if you don't have time to watch the video, or if you want more details). My review on my first Peaches & Petals box can be seen by clicking HERE.

What I like about Peaches & Petals is that they send you a HUGE monthly box. It isn't just beauty products, but a variety of items for women. I already subscribe to Ipsy and it is nice to receive some 'larger' beauty products such as bath bombs and also other non-beauty items, such as mugs, adult coloring books, etc.

So, How Do You Get Signed Up?
You can use my referral code by clicking HERE and use one of these coupon codes for the June box! Please make sure to let me know in the comments if you do sign up, so I can make sure I earn the points for your referral (there has been some trouble with this in the past!).
Every box after your first box will be $19.99 per month. You can cancel your subscription at anytime.

April Items in Peaches & Petals Box
Untitled Untitled
Facial Cleansing Brush - I already have a Clarisonic, but this will be GREAT to take on our upcoming vacations. It even includes a pumice attachment, which will be great for my at home pedi's. And, I can't wait to try out the massage attachment!

Shower Gel in a Sponge - This body wash sponge with a pink grapefruit scent will help you exfoliate, cleanse and moisturize your skin for 8+ washes. I gave it a try today and I give it a thumbs up! 

Rainy Day Puzzle Book - I can't wait to take this item with me on the plane when we leave for Italy. I know it'll give me something to do after I get tired of reading on my Kindle.

Rain Cloud Planter - This is so cute and unique, too! You hang this on your wall near a sunny spot and can put a paper towel in the cloud. Pour water in and you'll see 'rain droplets' water your seeds!

Untitled Untitled
Adorable Umbrella Necklace - This is the cutest necklace to wear during the spring when it is storming and raining constantly! I wore this necklace today and I got so many compliments on it.

Rainy Day Surprise - Everyone receives a rainy day surprise in their box... I wasn't sure if it was this Happy bracelet or if it was the detangling shower brush. I'm guessing it is the bracelet. I have a small wrist and it fits perfectly and I love to mix the silver bracelet with my gold bracelets.

Detangling Shower Brush - I have one of these brushes for my daughters hair, but I wanted a larger one for my own hair. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw this in my box, because I have been wanting one!

Well, that's it! My May Peaches & Petals box is supposed to arrive via UPS on Saturday... I can't wait! I'm also excited about the June box, because they sent me this sneak peak of a GUARANTEED item in the box:
I was like... seriously?! A summer-time coverup in an aztec print is included and the total of the box is only $19.99? Sweet!

And, don't forget... if you want to subscribe to the box, you can use my referral code by clicking HERE and by using one of the referral codes listed above to get a discount on your first box!
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