Curly Crafty Mom: 12 Months of Goals - April

Monday, April 3, 2017

12 Months of Goals - April

12MonthsofGoalsLast year I set 3 goals every month for myself and I accomplished a lot! This year, I wanted to down play it even more and just set ONE goal for myself. However, with just one goal each month I hope to devote more time to it. You can find an update on February's Goal below.

In April...

In April I'd like to get some Spring shopping done! I usually only shop for clothes a couple times a year for myself. Usually it is in the Fall and Spring... I haven't purchased any clothes since last fall for myself, so I've been saving for a trip to go to the outlets this Spring! I do get quite a bit of clothes through collaborations with the blog, but it is nice to go shopping for items I'm specifically looking for and more.

I also need to get Autumn some new Spring clothes, she has outgrown EVERYTHING from last year. Both kids wear uniforms, but she is going to need some clothes for the weekends AND summer vacation! I did pick her up a few things at Target a couple of weeks ago, but it is just helping us get by the weekends.

Nathan can wear what he wore last summer still, but he still needs some new things.

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We also have a Disney trip coming up this summer and I always like to coordinate our outfits some for our Disney trips. SO, I'll keep that in mind while I'm shopping. The photos above show some of our 'coordinated' Disney outfits from our previous trip. :)

Untitled I also have an Easter dress for Miss Aut, but Nathan needs a shirt to coordinate with it. Any ideas on a top for Nathan that would coordinate with this dress would be great. Autumn could also use a new white sweater or denim jacket for a cover up for her dresses on cooler Spring days.

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I wanted to get a new Easter dress for Easter AND to also wear for a wedding that Brian is best man in, but... I'm thinking I don't want to spend money on a new dress when I have a couple I could wear (even though they aren't new)... I would just rather spend my money on some new tops and shorts! However, I am in love with these two dresses pictured above if I do splurge on an Easter/wedding dress... although, I need to decide SOON!! (BTW, Hi SugarPlum! is wearing the dress on the left.)

If I don't get a new Easter/wedding dress, I'll probably wear this once pictured above without the denim jacket and with different shoes. Ahhh, decisions, decisions. Otherwise, I have a floral dress in my closet I'm considering. What do y'all think?!

I also would like to find a new swimsuit... BUT, I heard Victoria Secret doesn't sell swimsuits anymore? What?! I have no idea where I'll shop now...

I'll be sure to share with y'all my Spring clothing finds in May! :)

Here is my March Goals Recap:

In March I wanted to Create my FIRST Facebook Short Form Video.
I'm ALMOST done with this goal. I have the video and photos done for the Short Film Video. I did it on a recipe that I've made a million times. I am hoping to have the video editing and blog post done by THIS Friday to share with y'all. I am super slow at video editing and I usually use iMovie, but I'm doing the editing in Adobe Premiere this time, which is new to me.

What goals do you have for April?

And, don't forget to stop by my friend Lauren's blog at Mom Home Guide is also sharing her March Goal today:

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