Curly Crafty Mom: 12 Months of Goals - May

Friday, May 5, 2017

12 Months of Goals - May

Goals Last year I set 3 goals every month for myself and I accomplished a lot! This year, I wanted to down play it even more and just set ONE goal for myself. However, with just one goal each month I hope to devote more time to it. You can find an update on April's Goal below.

In May...
12MonthsofGoalsIn May I need to FOCUS on our two upcoming vacations. Both vacations aren't until July, BUT I want to get started on planning for them before the kids are both out of school!

This is what I'd like to accomplish:


  • Plan out Fast Passes, then book them morning of our Fast Pass Selection Date (Disney lets you book your Fast Passes online BEFORE your trip on a select date! You need to book them quickly, the good times will fill up!). Disney also has a new Pandora area in the Animal Kingdom with two new rides and I want to make sure I get those booked first!
  • Plan out Disney Outfits for the kids and I (so I can purchase anything I need in the next 2 months!). Which, isn't this red/white striped dress on thefancyashley so adorable? I've been wanting a dress like this for the Magic Kingdom! When I was at the outlet mall, they had red/white striped dresses, but they all had long sleeves!


  • Disney Mail... we always have Mickey/Minnie bring the kids 'mail' each morning on the trip. I need to figure out some small gifts. Obviously, I'll be buying some inexpensive collector pins off of Amazon, but Nathan is going to be harder to find stuff for versus Autumn since he's going to be 11 on the trip!

Riviera Maya, Mexico:

  • Brian and I recently booked a kids free trip to Mexico!
  • I would like to research excursions, the spa and restaurants/menu for this trip.
  • I'd also like to maybe start planning some outfits for this trip and see if I want to purchase another swimsuit. I'd also like to maybe start some exercises to get my midsection ready for a bikini for this trip! That is my big problem area since having two kids...

We're going to be on vacation for 2 weeks this summer... with a tiny break in-between, SO... I need to figure out what the heck I'm going to do with the blog during this time. I do want to schedule some guest posts and perhaps also some of my own posts. Which means, working on blog posts the night before (like I'm doing now), isn't going to work! 

Here is my April Goals Recap:

In April I wanted to shop for some Spring clothes for myself, get some clothes for the kids and I for our Disney trip, find a dress for a wedding AND finish up shopping for the kids Easter outfits. Whew! Lots of clothes shopping!

I decided to hit Old Navy to do some shopping for the kids and I. I found this Spring OTS top and fell in love with it! I also got these fringe crop pants! When I go shopping, I usually tell myself I'm only going to get 3-4 items... that way I don't go overboard and I only get the items I really, really LOVE. So, I put about 10 other things back... but, at least I only went home with the stuff I REALLY had to have, you know?!!

Untitled Untitled
Then, the next day I went outlet shopping. I have a routine at the outlet mall that I go to, so I get it done fast and easy. I know my favorite stores and I don't waste time in the other stores in the mall. The first one I always go in is The Gap Outlet, because I always find the most items that I love in this store. Next, I got in Banana Republic Outlet and I usually find a couple things (or maybe more) that I need. Last, I go in J. Crew Outlet, which can STILL be pricey (even though it is outlet) and by the time I get to this store, I have the main items I've been wanting... SO, if I find something in J. Crew, it was something I couldn't find in the other stores or it is a 'splurge' and I usually only let myself get 1 item in there. 

You'll see in the photos above I found in Gap Outlet an adorable Eiffel Tower tee and some lace up navy espadrilles flats. :) I always buy my t-shirts one size up, I love having a looser fitting tee!

SO, for the wedding I decided to wear this OTS denim dress. I wasn't sure if a denim dress would be OK, since Brian would be dressed up in a tux for the wedding (he was best man)... BUT, I really wanted to wear it and the wedding was in a really small town and it wasn't ultra-formal or anything. I also liked the midi length of the skirt, because it was in the lower 50's and raining all day... so my legs stayed nice and warm! I actually bought this dress to wear for Mother's Day, but I decided I wanted to wear it for the wedding, too! I got a lot of compliments on it and well... I think it actually worked out really well! I dressed it up with some gold wedges (my cousin cropped my feet out, but it was raining, so it was a rushed photo!) and a pretty Stella & Dot necklace... so, I think it worked out nicely :) The embroidery on the front is really pretty, too! I need to do a fashion post of this dress SOON!

IMG_1229 2
I needed a sweater for Autumn's mint colored dress and found this darling pink one at Target and it has little tassels on it. I got Nathan this bright coral polo at Old Navy and it matches the color of some of the tassels on Autumn's sweater. Autumn's sandals are also from Target and you can't see in this photo, but they have little white leather tassels on the back of them. In her Easter basket, the bunny left a new dress for her Bitty Twin, too! I would show a photo of myself on Easter, but I didn't really dress up! Autumn had the stomach flu 2 days before Easter and honestly I was wiped out and since we were afraid to go to church with it being stuffy and crowded (and didn't want a surprise vomit session!), I decided I'd dress the kids up and be comfortable! I was really bummed we missed church on Easter, though!

What goals do you have for May?

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