Curly Crafty Mom: 5 Gardening Tips for Busy Moms

Monday, May 15, 2017

5 Gardening Tips for Busy Moms

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Warmer weather brings a lot of yard work and we have an overabundance of beds to care for at our home! As a mom of two and with gardening season starting near the end of the school year when life is crazy enough, you may be looking for a way to simplify things. That's why I am sharing 5 Gardening Tips for Busy Moms (including how Extra Strength TYLENOL® helps me stay on track!)because sometimes it is a challenge to take care of the yard and everything else on our busy schedules! 

5 Gardening Tips for Busy Moms

1. If You Overdo It, Remember Extra Strength TYLENOL®!
Everyone always tells me I am a busy body! There are just so many items on my to do list and not enough time in my day. When Spring arrives, I have even more to do with all of the garden duties I need to add to my list!

I'll admit... sometimes I will be out in the yard for HOURS on the weekend and I overdo it. However, I know I can take Extra Strength TYLENOL® and I can still keep on my mom duties (such as fixing dinner!) and not be slowed down. Extra Strength TYLENOL® helps relieve my sore and aching muscles after a day out in the yard. It can be a lot of work to bend over to pull weeds, the constant motion of using a pruner, holding a heavy watering can and all those other rough gardening chores!

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2. Install Drip Irrigation for your Pots
It is so hard to remember to water your outdoor pots, especially as the summer progresses. My husband installed drip irrigation for all of my outdoor pots, our hanging baskets and the annuals next to the front porch and I never have to water them! Do you know how much time this saves me?! A lot! And, it's not hard to install if you have a hose or main water supply nearby! I really need to do a DIY tutorial on how to set this up sometime on the blog!

3. Don't Forget to Mulch EVERY Spring!
Don't forget to apply a layer of mulch every Spring to your beds! Otherwise, you'll be spending a lot of time weeding! Mulch helps to choke out the weeds and it also protects from soil loss and keeps the moisture in! 

4. Don't Overcrowd Your Plants!
When my daughter helped me plant my herbs, I told her not to dump the entire packet of 200 seeds in the mason jar! This is also true for plants outside! You don't want to plant something that is going to grow and spread out too close to another plant. Otherwise, you risk one plant overtaking the other (and one will die as it won't have enough light or space) or they can get tangled up in each other or spread disease. 

5. Don't Be Afraid to Ask for Help
Sadly, sometimes you may have a gardening fail and you need to ask for help. This may be something as simple as just asking for advice or it can be more. I've asked my mom for a lot of help, because she is a gardening guru! Recently, I had three rose bushes die! I'm not sure if it was from some ant killer that my husband put down OR this weird fungus I noticed on the leaves the last few years (and didn't treat- oops!). In any case, these rose bushes that were 13+ years old DIED. I'm a busy mom, so of course I asked my mom for some help! She's coming over this week to help me pull them out, put down new soil and to plant some new ones. I'm also going to space them out better this time! 

Asking for help may be hard, because sometimes you don't want to bother someone else with your concerns or problems. But, my mom was actually happy to help and it'll give us some mom/daughter bonding time, too! Sometimes I ask my husband for help, such as to get a small sapling out that has sprouted in the garden bed. Or, our white fence started to grow green mold on it and I asked to borrow my mom's power washer. We are even going to get a bush that is half dead pulled out by professionals, because my husband doesn't have time to do it. If you need help, get help! Don't feel bad! Time is precious!

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