Curly Crafty Mom: The Creative Corner Link Up Party & Weekly Recap - 05/21/17

Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Creative Corner Link Up Party & Weekly Recap - 05/21/17

Welcome back to our DIY/Craft Link Up Party! Thank you for stopping by every week!

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Today's Feature is DIY Fairy Garden Wreath by DecoArt Blog.

Weekly Recap:
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Nathan turned 11 this week. Every birthday just seems unreal... 11?! I don't know what to think about that. I'm so proud of who he has become, though! Such a sweet and caring young man! I know the teen years will be coming soon... yikes! I have a tradition where I always take a photo of the kids sleeping the night before they turn a year older. So, here is Nathan sleeping while he was still 10!

Untitled Untitled
Instead of a class birthday party, Nathan wanted to go to the Melting Pot for the first time. It was a lot of fun and my parents were able to come with us! We got to have TWO cooking pots, so two different kinds of cheeses and chocolate! Yum! I even brought a cake, so it was sweets overload! Nathan said it was the best birthday yet! 

Untitled Untitled
I got a new pair of shoes this week, my first pair of Adidas! I love the gold accents on them. We also got our first Raising Cane's by our house this weekend, so I had to try it out. It was pretty good, but I think I like Chick Fil A better still! #loyalcustomer

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Autumn had dance photos for her 'mermaid' costume as her class calls it. This is an additional dance they learned JUST for the recital. She also had her rehearsal for the recital today. I can't believe we're about to wrap up her first dance competition season! It was a lot to learn! I am excited to see what she gets picked to be in next dance season! She is really interest in Lyrical, so we'll see! 

AND, on a really SAD note. SEVEN of my rose bushes died/are infected with rose rosette! Google it, it is nasty stuff! Basically the leaves start to grow and they look shredded, like a witches broom (the nickname for rose rosette). I actually noticed it last summer, but I had no idea what it was and was wondering if it was new leaf growth... I just wasn't sure. If I had researched what it was sooner, I could have probably saved more of my roses if only one was infected at first. Last summer I was so busy (training for that marathon, etc.) and I guess my gardening duties were put on the back burner. I LOVE my rose bushes, but the sellers of our house planted A LOT of them and it's a lot to take care of... so, maybe this will be a blessing! They were planted really close together and now I plan to space them out a bit with some other perennials (so they aren't touching and getting tangled up in one another) and I plan to just replant 3 rose bushes next Spring instead of all 7. I have 3 rose bushes in the infected area that are still OK and don't have rose rosette and I am going  to watch them to make sure they don't get infected. Once infected, they have to be basically dug up (roots and all) and trashed! I also have another 2 rose bushes further out that I think will be ok. But, how sad that these rose bushes that I have had for 13+ years can't be helped and need to be trashed. :( Has anyone else ever dealt with this?!! I'd love to know!
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