Curly Crafty Mom: Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath (Using Duck Tape!) {12 Months of Wreaths}

Monday, June 19, 2017

Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath (Using Duck Tape!) {12 Months of Wreaths}

Welcome back to 12 Months of Wreaths!
PinwheelWreath1_8x10 Hi everyone! Welcome back to our sixth month of 12 Months of Wreaths! Today I'm going to share a patriotic wreath where I tried something a little different... I used Duck Tape to make pinwheels for it!

Welcome to 12 Months of Wreaths - June
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Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath Detail Shots


How to Make a Patriotic Pinwheel Wreath

You'll need:
  • Picture Frame (8x10 or any size you prefer)
  • Fabric
  • Duck Tape
  • Ribbon
  • Paper Fasteners
  • Card Stock
  • Foam Letters
  • Hot Glue Gun

PinwheelWreathMake2 PinwheelWreathMake3
Cut your fabric in 2" strips. Using a hot glue gun, wrap them around the frame until the entire frame is covered. I used two different kinds of fabric for this to make it a little more interesting.

PinwheelWreathMake4 PinwheelWreathMake5
Cut a square out of your card stock. I did three different sized squares, a 5", 4" and 3" square. Cover both sides with Duck Tape. I did blue on one side and pink on the other.

PinwheelWreathMake6 PinwheelWreathMake7
Cut slits at an angle into your square on each side 3/4 of the way in. Then fold one edge in on each side and secure with a paper fastener. You can use a knife or a hole puncher to make a hole before securing with the paper fastener.

PinwheelWreathMake8 PinwheelWreathMake9
For the USA banner, I took another piece of card stock and drew out a banner design, cut it out and then used it as a template to trace out the two other banner designs. Cover one side with Duck Tape and then cut them out.

PinwheelWreathMake10 PinwheelWreathMake11
Place one foam letter on each banner shape. Hot glue to your ribbon and you're done!

This is a easy and fun wreath to hang on the door for the upcoming 4th of July Holiday!

Thanks again for joining us! We will be sharing a new wreath once a month in 2017!

Are you interested in sharing a wreath with us one (or more) months? We are accepting guest hosts! Email carrie (at) curlycraftymom (dot) com if you are interested!
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