Curly Crafty Mom: Summer Bucket List {2017}

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Summer Bucket List {2017}


Hey everyone! I am joining Leslie at Once Upon a Time and Happily Ever After and 20 or so other bloggers to share out Summer Bucket Lists today! Thank you so much for getting this together, Leslie!

I always do a Summer Bucket List for the kids, one for me and one for me and Brian. It is just more fun that way and it encourages us to do a lot of family activities and it also encourages Brian and I to have lots of date nights and other fun activities together! Oh, and it encourages me to get a couple things done during the summer!

The last time I did a Summer Bucket List was in 2015! I used to love doing these, but as the kids have gotten older it has been a little harder to find open pockets of time. So, Leslie keeps asking me to do one and I finally gave in to her requests (happily!) and thought the summer would be a perfect time to try out a bucket list again!

*underlined text means that activity is completed*

Summer Bucket List for Me

1. Go running at Fenton Park

2. Sign up for Half Marathon Training with Fleet Feet

3. Paint Vanity in Master Bathroom

4. Start thinking of how I want to redo the area where my rose bushes used to be in the garden.

5. Plan my 40th Birthday Party

Summer Bucket List for the Kids
1. Nathan: Karate and Band Camp. Autumn: Summer Gymnastics and Full Day Dance Camp (3 Days)

2. Family Vacation to Disney (can't wait to check out the new World of Avatar)

3. Library Reading Program, we are almost done! Even mom signed up to read this year!

4. Take the kids to see Cahokia Mounds and have a picnic lunch

5. Cardinals baseball game, Nathan won tickets through the Library Reading Program

Summer Bucket List for Me and Brian

1. All Inclusive Resort in Mexico (can't wait!)

2. Moonlight Paddle boats Picnic at The Boat House

3. Do a sunset dinner at Montelle winery

4. Riverboat Cruise on the Mississippi with Brian. We haven't done this in several years, I thought it would be fun.

 I'd love to do brunch sometime, like at Squires. They even have a Mimosa and Bloody Mary Bar

6. Go to IKEA for lunch and also purchase and put together a new coffee table for the family room.

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