Curly Crafty Mom: 12 Months of Goals - August

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

12 Months of Goals - August

Last year I set 3 goals every month for myself and I accomplished a lot! This year, I wanted to down play it even more and just set ONE goal for myself. However, with just one goal each month I hope to devote more time to it. You can find an update on July's Goal below.

In August...

I want to get organized.

Ok, maybe this sounds a little broad, but I always feel like when the kids go back to school, it's like a clean slate. I have fallen behind on so many things and I also want to think about how I can be more productive with my time. 

Mainly, I want to restart some house projects that were put on hold, start my bible journal again, start working on some behind the scenes blog stuff that was also put on hold AND there is a lot of house cleaning I need to do that I just didn't have time to do during the summer. Not the kind of house cleaning that I have to keep up with (like cleaning the bathrooms), but stuff like cleaning out the pantry/linen closet so stuff doesn't fall on me every time I open the door, cleaning the windows, etc.

I think I'm going to just write out a HUGE list of what I've been wanting to do, but haven't had time to do. That always seems like a good start, right? Then I plan to figure out a game plan on how I'll get it done. This won't all get done in August, but at least I can start scheduling some blocks of time to get the most important things done first.

Here is my July Goals Recap:

In July I want to clean out ALL the closets in the house!

Our closets aren't in TOO bad of shape... but, given that the kids are on summer break and we had two vacations in July... I didn't get all of the closets done. But, I got the most important closet done, which is my closet. So, I'm happy! I do plan to work on the other closets once the kids head back to school, so it isn't completely off my to do list.

We have a really big closet, so I can fit all of my clothes in it for all seasons. I have my clothes organized by dresses and then by color. I've decided I want to pull all of the heavier winter stuff out and put it on the far end of the closet, since I'm tired of picking through it every morning when I'm not even wearing it right now. I also decided to put all of my cami's (I have a lot of these, since I wear one under my clothes every day) all together instead of separated by color and all of my work out clothes are together. Not sure why I didn't think of this before, but it's going to be so much easier!

It always feels so good to bag up stuff for Goodwill and to have an aired out closet!

And, don't forget to stop by my friend Lauren's blog at Mom Home Guide is also sharing her August Goal today:

What goals do you have for July?

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