Curly Crafty Mom: 5 Easy Picnic Snack Ideas

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

5 Easy Picnic Snack Ideas

We may be winding down summer, but we are in for some amazing weather once the fall gets here. We've already been experiencing some milder weather in the lower 80's here in St. Louis and it's been easier to get outside to do activities. Today I wanted to share 5 Easy Picnic Snack Ideas that you may already have in your fridge or pantry to take with you on an in pronto picnic or outdoor event, such as an outdoor concert or park. I'll also share why Danimals is a favorite snack choice for my kids.

Walmart carries several Dannon® Danimals® Yogurt Smoothies Strawberry Explosion® 12 packs and we picked up one at our last shopping trip. My kids love Danimals and I picked them up for my daughters lunch for her dance camp last week. However, we keep them around the house for many different summer occasions, too.

5 Easy Picnic Snack Ideas

Now I'll share with you 5 Easy Picnic Snack Ideas that you may have around the house already. I am sure this will also prompt you to think of some other quick and easy ideas of what you can pack along in your picnic basket.

First, you'll want to pack some sort of meat or protein item. I almost always stop by the meat section in the grocery store and pick up some freshly sliced summer sausage this time of year. You could also wrap up thin slices of turkey, or shredded roasted chicken. I also packed along some peanuts.

Second, I usually pack along some fruit. I try to bring what is in season, such as fresh sliced peaches, watermelon, etc. 

For the third item I like to bring a salad or vegetable. Since, tomatoes are so juicy and ripe this time of year, I decided to slice some cherry tomatoes I had in half and I used some fresh basil from my mason jar herb garden. I also added some slices of mozzarella cheese that I had in my cheese drawer in my fridge (yes, I have an entire drawer devoted just to cheese). If you have other types of lettuce, you could pack those topped with fresh veggies such as cherry tomatoes, carrots, colorful diced peppers, etc. 

For item four, I like to pack something sweet and savory. You might have something you recently baked, or a package of cookies around the house. I happened to have some thin crispy cookies that I decided to pack along for our picnic.

The fifth item is our Danimals smoothies in Strawberry Explosion. Note: you WILL need to bring an ice pack or two to keep these fresh and cool in your picnic bag/cooler. 

I always bring along some short plastic glasses to pour the Danimals into and then I garnish them with a strawberry. This helps prevent 'tips' and 'spills' and my kids just love to dunk the fresh strawberry into the smoothie and eat it.

My kids love the great taste of Danimals and I love the on the go convenience of their products and great nutrition. Danimals dairy products provide kids with a good source of calcium and vitamin D to help kids build strong bones and regulate muscle function.

Don't forget a large picnic blanket, soft and cozy pillows, water and your favorite book! Enjoy and you can thank me later. :)
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