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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Jack O Lantern Ornaments

Since Nathan has been born I have collected some Halloween ornaments, and I decided to buy the creepy Pottery Barn tree to hang them on. Of course, I bought the tree AFTER Halloween for more then 50% off, and it is the perfect size and has lots of room for more ornaments.

I subscribe to Parents magazine and saw a Jack O Lantern craft and it gave me a great idea... I am going to make Halloween ornaments with the kids each year for their spooky tree! Of course, Autumn was left out this year (she would just try to eat the pom poms or glitter), but she can help next year.

So, first I went to the new Hobby Lobby by me, which I swear, it is SO much cheaper then Michaels!! I bought glass ornaments instead of the plastic ornaments that Parents suggested because they are much more eye catching and the plastic ones were 99 cents each! I got lots of orange stuffers and green ribbon that serves as the 'pumpkin stem'.

Here are all of the stuffers: small and large pom poms, feathers, glitter, crinkle paper and paint (not shown).

Nathan wanted to do the pom poms first. This probably would have been a wonderful sensory activity for Autumn with all of the different textures.

Nathan had so much fun sticking the small and large pom poms in the ornament.

Next, we did feathers...

Someone else wanted to play with the feathers, too! Normally she sleeps all day, but she sure didn't sleep through the feather stuffing!

The feather ornament turned out great!

Next Nathan added crinkles to an ornament

Nathan looking at allllll of the crinkles

Finally, we did the messy ornament. Nathan helped me squeeze paint into the opening of the ornament.

Then we added glitter and shook it. If you try this activity, I suggest adding the glitter BEFORE adding the paint.

Then, I drew faces on all of the pumpkins to make them jack o lanterns. Nathan loved watching me as I drew the faces and he was so excited. I also added the green ribbon so each pumpkin has a stem.

Nathan is SO proud of his ornaments!!!

Nathan and his spooky tree with the jack on lantern ornaments on it. He hung all the ornaments by himself and was so proud.

Bratches knows not to get up on the table, but she couldn't resist checking out the tree and all of its ornaments. Nathan helped me hang the other ornaments that are store bought, too! So, we have a pretty tree. I will take another picture later because I plan to add a ribbon around the pot of the spooky tree as it needs a final touch!

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