Curly Crafty Mom: One of Auttie's traits

Monday, May 10, 2010

One of Auttie's traits

Autumn LOVES to pour water, sand, etc. into containers... When I give her a bath, she grabs any sort of shovel, scooper, etc. and she fills it with water and then finds another container and pours the water into it. She will sit there and do it over and over again, she just loves it!

So, of course, I found it quite amusing when she did this...

She took one of Nathan's construction vehicles (its really small, too, micro machine-size!), filled it up with sand, and then poured it into the hole in the sandbox into the grass. She is so serious about pouring... heheh, its so cute.

Of course, then she decided to get a megablok and she filled it up with sand, and while I was working on my tomato garden, she dumped it into my hair. Sigh... KIDS! :o)-

Of course, Mommy was not happy about having sand in her hair, and Autumn must have sensed it, because she turned and ran from me as fast as her little pudgy legs would take her! :o)-
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