Curly Crafty Mom: Date night at Busch Stadium

Friday, July 16, 2010

Date night at Busch Stadium

I have been with my company for 7 long years, and every year we have a Marcom Appreciation Day and the company gives out Cardinals tickets along with other snazzy gifts such as Blu-Ray disc players. I never, ever win... ever... In fact, there is this one guy that used to win EVERY year... every year! Well, he got transferred to another department and I knew it was my turn to win this year! Well, I did win the Cardinals tickets finally! Yay!

Jeremi and I at the game :o)- Of course, we visited the Cardinals store and got some game gear! lol!

View of the arch from the stadium

Did I tell you yet that the ballpark beer comes to Busch Stadium from the brewery in underground pipes? Ahh, so.. so. good!

Jeremi and I had a lot of fun talking and people watching... also, the Cardinals played a terrific game! We were seated by the outfield and wow, we saw a lot of balls fly over our head!

Doing the wave. Yep, I had way too many brewskys.

Cardinals won! Woohoo!

We went to PaddyO's for an hour after the game until the traffic nightmare ended. Its a fun place! And, yes, I took this picture before the game :)
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