Curly Crafty Mom: How I am doing on my 2013 Goals

Thursday, April 25, 2013

How I am doing on my 2013 Goals

Well, I had planned to post this at the beginning of April, but here it is almost May and I am posting my progress on my 2013 goals. I would say I am doing ok, but definitely not making the progress I need to on some of these. Hopefully I can step it up and knock some of these out! My comments on my goals are in italics, the ones I have finished I have crossed out.

1. Running Goals:
- Run Go! Half Marathon this April and the Rock N Roll Half Marathon in October.
- Run a 10K and a couple 5K's. I have 3 5K's scheduled and TWO are this weekend- The Color Run and the Missouri Botanical Gardens Tulip Trot.
- 2:20 or below Half Marathon PR. Almost with 21:43 at Go! Half.
- 27 or below 5K PR. Hoping to get there by my 5K in May at the Zoo.

2. Other Work Out Goals:
- Weights DVD 1-2x a week. I have gotten 2 workouts in for 7 out of the 16 weeks of this year. That is pretty mediocre, I need to step it up.
- Look into a kettle bell DVD. Brian got me a kettlebell DVD AND kettlebells and I plan to check out the DVD box set (4 different workouts!) this weekend. Plan to blog about my kettlebell experience. :)
- Check out the Pilates gym (Keep saying I will, haven't yet!). This is going to be a summer goal, there is WAYYY too much going on in May with Nathan's birthday, end of school, etc. I know... excuses, excuses!

3. Religious Goals:
- Pray more. Pray more with kids. I need to work on this... I really need to start a prayer journal. I am also going to buy Jesus Calling for my Kindle for sort of a daily devotional. I've heard wonderful things about this book from several people.
- Take a bible study class at our church. Haven't yet.

4. Make blog books:
- 2012 (Work on January-March) I had three months done then accidently saved over the second and third month that I had finished, arghhhh!! So, after that I haven't felt motivated to start again. I need to and it won't take me long if I can just get going on it again.
- 2011 (Work on April-June)
- 2010 (Work on July-September)
- 2009 (Work on October-December)

5. Figure out how I would like to continue my blog. I want to continue to blog about my family, exercise and travel, but right now I am also really into crafting/DIY, organization and a hint of fashion. I plan to have A LOT more of that on my blog in the future, so stayed tuned! I also want to work on the design of my blog, I am capable of doing a lot of this on my own (design and web background), but due to time restrictions I may hire a blog designer to revamp it. We'll see. I think I am going to stay on blogger for now, but I am considering moving to Wordpress in the future. Right now I am just using a blogger template and I haven't had a chance to give my blog the look and feel I really want it to have.

6. Career Growth. No progress.

7. Get into a TV show (I miss TV!!), keep up with my magazines instead of tossing them after they've been unread for 5 months. Watched Downton Abbey. I need to find another show to get hooked on, any suggestions? I did just finish A Game of Thrones, but we don't have HBO.

8. Goals for the Home:

- Revamp Family Room. I have some WONDERFUL ideas for the family room and I need to stop Pinning and get working on it!
- Paint Master Bathroom (MLK weekend?) Now I need to finish the decor! I have a post on what I want the decor to look like in the Master Bathroom. Brian and I did go to Lowes the other day to look at lighting and I need to order that cabinet off of Pottery Barn.
- Finish up Master Bedroom decor
. NO progress. :(
- Clean/organize finished part of basement. NO progress. I am thinking about making a list of ONE small item per week to complete to get the basement cleaned and organized.
- Clean/organize unfinished part of basement. No progress.

10. Trips:
- Plan Disney trip with kids for this summer. Booked the trip with our travel agent, Stacey Burns. I have or agenda finished, packing list and some special outfits for the kids ordered. I need to finish wrapping the Mickey Mail and figure out some little snacks to bring with us into the park.

- Take kids camping at YMCA Trout Lodge. I think Brian and I picked a weekend for this and will be booking it VERY soon.

- Chicago to meet Wine Girls in Fall? No date/plans yet.

- Trip with the Hubster in late summer. I am adding this one in... Brian and I are sort of discussing a kids free trip this August. Not sure where, but everywhere from Vancouver to NYC has been discussed. LOL.

13. Mondo in January Finished this class, here is a post about my thoughts on the 2nd Mondo Beyondo Class. (Its a class about dreaming/facing your dreams.)

14. Online Photography Classes I want to complete:
- Our Fifth House
- Its Over Flowing

Haven't worked on these tutorials yet, but I can't wait until I do!

15. Change my primary DR to one that is at Mercy. Nope! Too busy taking the kids to the doctor!

17. Fashion/clothes. I would like to pretty myself up a little more this year. I wear the same jewelry every day and I have never been to Sephora. It would be nice to treat myself a little more. :) No trip to Sephora yet, but I have updated my wardrobe some and gotten some new jewelry that works with a lot of outfits.

18. Do a 30x30 Challenge (30 items out of my closet for 30 days). I am intrigued by this... I think it would be fun because it would take me out of my comfort zone. SO excited to participate in a 30x30: Spring Edition this May with Mrs in Training and everyone else that links up. Honestly, I am a little scared to do this and afraid I will fail... but, I need to remember it is all for fun and to learn to make better use out of my wardrobe, so wish me luck!
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