Curly Crafty Mom: 2013 Summer Bucket List

Friday, May 24, 2013

2013 Summer Bucket List

Me and the Kids

1. Grant's Farm, Zoo AND kids area at Missouri Botanical Gardens

2. Explore parks... Tilles (Water play), Tower Grove (Water play and enjoy market beforehand), White Cliff

3. T-Ball (Nathan) and T-Ball (Autumn)

4. Bowling with our kidsbowlfree passes

5. First camping trip - YMCA Trout Lodge (Memorial Day Weekend!)

6. First trip to Disney World

7. Have a picnic at a park, then take a bike ride

8. Library Reading Program

9. Visit the pool at least four times (#1 5/26-Trout Lodge, #2 7/1 Animal Kingdom Lodge, #3 7/27 Tower Grove Park)

10. Catch lightning bugs

Just Me (and some with BriBri)

1. Running: I would like to run at a few new spots (well, for me): Fenton Park, Forest Park and Meramec Bottom Trail (checked this trail out with kids, but the only running I did was after them.)

2. Chicago trip in August

3. Make fresh salsa

4. Moonlight Paddle boats Picnic at The Boat House (June 27)

5. Do a sunset dinner at Montelle winery (July 6)

6. Soulard Market on a Saturday morning

7. Two showings at The Muny - South Pacific (July 9) and Les Miserables (July 20)

8. Tour the new area of the art museum, perhaps a picnic or reading on blanket in front of Grand Basin if not too hot.

9. Finish decorating the Master Bathroom. Finish gallery wall in Family Room.

10. See Shakespeare play, Twelfth Night in Forest Park (June 8)
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