Curly Crafty Mom: My Birthday Wish List!!

Monday, July 22, 2013

My Birthday Wish List!!

My birthday is 3 weeks away and I have always seen other bloggers create birthday lists for themselves... welllll... I thought that just this once it would be fun to create a birthday list for myself. It is always fun to feel like a child again, dreaming up the big gifts... I honestly do not really expect any of this stuff (unless you're my husband- ha, ha! jk, Bri!).

Ok, here we go.

A shiny and gold Michael Kors watch... which, I will be in Chicago the week before my birthday and I did a little lookin' and what is the coincidence that there is a Michael Kors store on Michigan Avenue? Hmmmmm???

Sperry Gold Shoe
A pair Sperry top-sider Angelfish slip-on boat shoes. I have been ogling over Sperrys for awhile, unable to decide which color I want. They have TOO many cool designs to choose from... well, I've decided. I love gold right now and I would love this pair.

rock star soap
I would love a bar of Rock Star soap, because I ran out MONTHS ago and I miss showering with this beautiful smelling soap with vanilla that comes from the pods, not the labs. Heck, I could use some bubble bars, too... my bath bars are getting low, too!

I love jewelry right now and would love this spiked yet classy Renegade Cluster Bracelet from Stella & Dot.

hot stone massage
I haven't had a massage in five years! And, I've always wanted to try the hot stone massage at Ginger Bay in Kirkwood. I would love to be gifted a massage... heck, and while I am there I'd love an eyebrow wax, too. lol.

I would love to be girly and learn to embroider things. But, gosh these machines aren't cheap.

Most of my running clothes are from Target or Old Navy. I don't skimp on my shoes or socks, though. But, I do dream of some nicer running clothes, such as something from Lululemon in Frotenac. Just one outfit from this store, or heck, one running bra or pair of shorts, skirt, whatever would make me a happy little runner.

Never been in Sephora. Ever. Yep, it'd be fun to have a gift card to this place. I am sure I could waste away an hour in there easily.

Well, honestly... the best gift I'll have this birthday is spending the day with Brian and the kids. :) Best birthday gift ever. :)
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