Curly Crafty Mom: Gold Dipped Burlap Valentine's Wreath with Mini Bunting

Monday, January 6, 2014

Gold Dipped Burlap Valentine's Wreath with Mini Bunting

While St. Louis was buried in 12 inches of snow, I took it upon myself to start some Valentine crafts. Today I am going to share with you a simple and adorable burlap Valentine's wreath with a Mini Bunting annnnd that is dipped in gold. Does it get any better then that?!!!

First, you'll need to take two strands of 18" floral wire and connect them at the top to form the top of a heart. Do not content the bottoms of the heart, as you'll need to add the burlap first.

Next, you'll need to cut the burlap into 2.5" sections. You'll need 1/3 yard of burlap (this cost me $1.35 at Hobby Lobby)... I went lighter then the typical burlap color, I did sort of an off white color, but not white. Cut a little slit at the 2.5" mark.

Then, take hold of one of the vertical threads on the burlap and yank it out. It should pull out easily and then you'll see how it create an open area where you can cut with your scissors easily.

After you cut the 2.5" strips, you should have approximately 10 strips for each side of the heart. Place the burlap on the wire as shown above.

Connect the wire at the base of the heart.

Then, move the burlap around on the wire frame so that it fills in all of the bare spots on the frame.

Then, I wanted to 'dip' the wreath in gold... so, I covered all of the wreath except for the bottom portion and sprayed it with gold spray paint.

I made this adorable little bunting for the wreath... I took some white paper and cut a triangle out of it, then I used it as a template to create four burlap triangles for the bunting. Then I hand painted L O V E on the burlap triangles and used some red/white thread to hang them on.

I used my new Bowdabra to create a fancy red bow for the wreath. My husband got me the regular Bowdabra and the Mini Bowdabra for Christmas and it makes bow making so easy!

And... finally, you have yourself cute a beautiful Valenteine's wreath! 

I think I'll be making more buntings, this one way so easy to make!

And, I LOVE anything that is dipped in gold! 

I hope you enjoyed this wreath, stay tuned for more Valentine's crafts from Curly Crafty Mom in the weeks leading up to Valentine's Day!

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