Curly Crafty Mom: DIY Sequin Wifey Shirt

Monday, September 8, 2014

DIY Sequin Wifey Shirt

This was one of those craft projects that I was really, really excited about. This wouldn't be something for the home, but just for ME. I went into Old Navy last week and it seems shirts with phrases on them are hot right now. I saw 'Holy Chic', 'Merci' and several others. I have also seen several 'Wifey' shirts posted on Instagram lately, but I didn't want to pay a lot of money for one. I decided to make my own Wifey shirt with gold sequins! Why not, right?!

Mint Shirt from Old Navy - $10
Roll of Gold Sequins - $2.50 (I bought two rolls, but only needed one)
Fabric Glue - $4
Fabric Pencil - Already Had (Free!)
Gold Threat & Needle - Already Had (Free!)
Total: $16.50

I went into Adobe Photoshop and selected the font Branboll Small at 280 pt and printed in landscape on my inkjet printer.

I cut out the entire word with a pair of scissors.

I used maybe 5-6 pieces of tape to tape the word to the shirt so that it wouldn't move while I outlined it. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a photo of it taped down, so just imagine there is tape over sections of the word. ;)

Use a fabric pencil to outline the word. I really think that I would have preferred a fabric marker over a pencil for this job, but I got it to work. The pencil will wash away easily with water, but the sequins covered it, so I didn't really need to worry about washing off the pencil outlines.

Glue a few inches at a time and adhere the sequins to the glue. For some reason, my glue came out really thick... I wish it would have had a finer nozzle, but when it dried it was invisible.

Detail shot of the sequins being glued to the shirt

And, here is what the finished piece looks like! I was really pleased with how good this looked once I finished it.

Another detail shot

After the glue had dried, I got out some gold thread and a needle... you will want to sew every three sequins down for extra support. I would thread every three sequins with my thread overlapping them on the inside of the shirt. Also, be sure to bring your needle through the center hole in the sequins. 

AND, don't forget to wash this shirt inside out on delicate cycle. 

You've got yourself a wifey shirt! My husband just chuckles at me when he sees this shirt.  It is a darn cute shirt, I must say so myself. 

Since this is more of a craft post then a fashion post, stay tuned for how I will style this shirt! This was just a quick photo shoot after church and I quickly changed out of my church clothes into some distressed jeans and this wifey shirt. Oh, I guess I did put on a pair of coral feather earrings, aviators and my Coach wristlet. I had to put a little effort into it. ;)

It only took me an afternoon to make this shirt and I am already thinking about making a mini version for my daughter... it won't say 'wifey', tho... but, maybe some other phrase in pink sequin letters. You could easily do this on a pillow case for the couch... it is a pretty easy project!

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