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Monday, November 17, 2014

Frozen Tulle Wreath

When my daughter was 4, I made her a tulle ballerina wreath and its been hanging in her room ever since... well, I have been working on changing Autumn's room to a Frozen theme and I thought I'd surprise her with a Frozen wreath at her birthday party! I went with the 'Elsa' color scheme and was really pleased with how her Frozen wreath turned out.


I hung the wreath on the door next to the food table for the party to serve as a decoration.


I really didn't need many supplies for this wreath... I purchased a round wreath form, 3 rolls of tulle for each color (I only used 2 rolls, though... but, better to buy too much then not enough), some wooden letters that spelled out E-L-S-A, paint for the wooden letters, white glitter and in the mini-Christmas tree aisle I found some small snowflake ornaments.


First I wrapped the entire wreath in an extra spool of white tulle that I had laying around. I was worried that you would be able to see the straw still in the wreath if I didn't do this extra step.


The most time consuming part of the entire project was cutting the tulle into strips. I used two rolls for each color and cut each strip at 27". I thought about adding some of Anna's colors to the wreath, but they just didn't have a lot of tulle colors to pick from... the purple was a light lavender.


Then I tied lots and lots of knots. I did two strands of the same color in a row, before moving to the next color.


Finding all of the wooden letters you want to write something out, such as Frozen or Let it Go is such a PITA always at Hobby Lobby. They are always missing one or more letters that I need. ARGH. SO, I finally decided to put 'Elsa' on the wreath, since they had all of those letters. Elsa worked, because the wreath has Elsa's colors with the tulle that I selected. I decided to paint the letters in some Elsa colors, too!


I wanted the letters to be 'glittery' so I dipped my paint brush into white glitter for the second coat of paint that I put on the letters.


And, ta-da! You have some glittery letters!


Then, I hot glued the letters on the wreath along with some snowflake ornaments that I found in the mini-tree section of Hobby Lobby.


I decided to layer the letters and ornaments on one side of the wreath.


I can't wait to get her room painted, this wreath is going to look great on her closet door!

And, here she is on party day with her Frozen wreath!

And, before I wrap up this post... here she is with the ballerina wreath I did when she was 4. Sob. She's getting SO big. Stay tuned for more Frozen room updates!

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