Curly Crafty Mom: Happy 6th Birthday, Autumn!! (and Meal Plan Week 36)

Friday, November 21, 2014

Happy 6th Birthday, Autumn!! (and Meal Plan Week 36)

Today is Autumn's 6th Birthday... we had her birthday party last Saturday and it was a Frozen theme, so I am sharing photos from that today. :) For her birthday, I made her this huge tulle Elsa wreath for the party and for her room, which is getting a Frozen makeover.

CHEEEESE! Autumn is really hard to photograph these days. She hates... I mean, really HATES having her photo taken. She won't cooperate unless I bribe her most times... which, really sucks... because, this Momma LOVES pictures. Maybe that is why she hates having her photograph taken so much, because I take WAY too many photos. Oh well, she just needs to deal with it, right?!! ;) I did get some cute ones of her smiling, though.

This is one of my favorite photos of her... standing by the wreath and holding out her fingers to count out 6. I really can't believe she is 6 and I kind of hate it, I want her to be my baby always! I guess she always will be, but... 6 is getting TOO old! For her birthday, I bought her a Frozen outfit at Target... I decided upon this outfit, because she can wear the tutu with her leotard to her dance class. Her new dance studio is a lot less formal than her old one on dress.

A cute photo of Brian and Autumn before the party started. :)

Last year we did a party at Sweet and Sassy with her class, but this year we just kept it low key and did a small family party. We promised the kids a class party every other year, so it will be Nathan's turn for a class party next. This was the food table I set up and some basic decorations. I usually go ALL out for parties, but this year I just wanted it to be laid back... and, this laid back party was still a TON of work. This is why I'll never have the house decorated for Christmas before Thanksgiving, with Autumn's birthday always being the week before!!

I made this delicious strawberry poppy seed salad... it is sort of a Carrie classic, as I am always asked to make this salad and will be making it again for Thanksgiving. You can find the recipe HERE. We also ordered sandwiches from my favorite meat place, Kenricks on yellow and wheat dollar rolls with ham and turkey cheese sandwiches. I also made up a crock pot full of spaghetti and we had some other sides to complete the meal.

I also made a smores station, complete with pumpkin spice chips, chocolate chips, brownie marshmallows and regular marshmallows. Yum!

Here was my yummy plate (or two)

Autumn had to eat at her own little 'princess' table.

The party boy!

After we ate, we let Autumn open her gifts. Isn't her Frozen headband adorable? I got it at a running expo a year ago and it finally fits her!

Autumn loves to watch me sew and I thought for her birthday I would get her a kiddie sewing machine. I looked around and decided to get her a kiddie one, that has the needle covered. This one just 'punctures' the fabric, therefore binding it. She just LOVES it and made all sorts of pillow that she stuffed for her AG dolls. I plan to buy her some more 'kits' for it on Amazon for Christmas.

Autumn's brother always buys her a birthday present and he selected this 'faux' hair dryer from the AG store with Grandma.

And, of course... we always get Nathan a gift so he doesn't feel left out. We got Nathan a crayon maker... oh my goodness, put this on your Christmas lists for your kids. This is AWESOME. We got one for Autumn's friend Natalie for her birthday party and it was a huge hit. Who knew that making markers was so fun! We already need to buy a refill pack for it!

We also finally got Autumn her own scooter... with a Frozen helmet, which isn't pictured. It is pink and has light up wheels. We got her one, because Nathan always throws a fit when she wants to borrow his... now they both have their own. SIGH.

Trying out her scooter in the house... because, ya know... it was snowing outside... in the middle of November (eek!).

One other gift was this trailer for her AG knock off Jeep. Both of these are from Target, but she already had the Jeep. This trailer is so cute, it has a little kitchen in it and a bed folds down for one of the dolls to sleep on. I am trying to decide if I want to get her the horse stable for Christmas... all this stuff takes up so much space. 

The night before the party, I bought this pin the carrot nose on Olaf game from Party City while I was picking up balloons for the party. Like I said, I totally did not go all out for this party... I normally would have made up a more elaborate game and had crafts... BUT, for $4.99, this game was a huge hit! So, I don't feel too bad. :)

Even Aunt Tracy got into the game, she is spinning herself around here.

Autumn 'helping' Nathan with the game.

Next up was cake. I ordered this really adorable Frozen cake from McArthurs.




Blowing out her candles... 

I love how kids always have to have a certain slice of the cake... Autumn wanted the Elsa slice, which of course was in the middle of the cake. Luckily, Brian has master cake cutting skills and got her the piece without it falling apart. Here is Autumn eating her cake... and, she is at the end of being nice and letting mom take photos! LOL!

Day 20. Bright. Today I baked Frozen cupcakes for Autumn's birthday treat for school tomorrow. I just love how BRIGHT and vibrant this aqua blue vanilla icing is from #pillsbury ! We found Olaf and snowflake candies to put on them at the party store, Froz
Today I'll be up at school volunteering, so I can spend a little time with Autumn on her birthday. I made these cupcakes to bring to her class for her little birthday party at school. I was SO happy with how they turned out! I got everything at Party City, including the Olaf and snowflake candies, Frozen toothpick decor and Frozen cupcake liners. I am sure they'll be a big hit!

And, now for this weeks meal plan!

This Weeks Meal Plan:

Sunday - Movie Night with Pizza OR Leftover Food from Auttie's Birthday Party
I really want to watch Maleficent, SO it is a perfect time to have a movie night.

Monday - German Pancakes with Bacon, recipe HERE
I haven't made this in awhile, but we all love breakfast for dinner! This is also a really easy dish to whip up and the kids love seeing it rise in the oven.

Tuesday - French Onion Soup Casserole, recipe HERE
This just looks really, really, REALLY good. I mean, really! Bread topped with mozzarella baked over french onion soup? I die.

Wednesday - Pasta con Broccoli with Crust Bread, recipe HERE
Another one I haven't made in awhile... this is the best recipe for Pasta con Broccoli out there.

Thursday - Thanksgiving Feast at Autumn's School

Friday - Dinner Out
Today is Autumn's birthday, SO we are going to let her pick where she wants to eat for dinner. :)

Saturday - Dinner Out
Dinner out, because it is Saturday!

ALSO, today is the LAST day for the GIVEAWAY!!!

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