Curly Crafty Mom: DIY Decorative Fabric Pin Board with Mini Bunting

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

DIY Decorative Fabric Pin Board with Mini Bunting

A couple of months ago we painted my daughters room and I've been working on a few items for her 'gallery' wall by her desk. One item that I knew she would want on the wall is a pin board. I am also working on redoing my home office downstairs and I had a couple of plain jane pin boards laying around. I thought, why not pretty this plain board up in some colors that go with the rainbow wall in her room?! I also decided to use my Silhouette Cameo to make a bunting for the board! I have to say, I am really loving my Silhouette machine, it makes crafting SO much easier!


I was really pleased with how this board turned out and it only took me a couple of hours (if that!) to make. Here is a photo of it outside before I hung it in her room.


Here is a side view, you can see the colors a little better in the bunting in this photo.


This project was pretty inexpensive since I already had a pin board downstairs. You may even have some fabric, pins, etc. laying around that you can use. The only items I forgot to put in this picture were the ones I used to create the mini bunting. I added the bunting last minute, because I decided the board needed something else.


The first step is ironing your fabric so that you don't have any wrinkles. You won't be able to get the wrinkles out after you attach the fabric to the board.


Take your board outside and spray it with the spray adhesive. Bring it inside right away and put your fabric over top of your board and smooth out the fabric on top of the board. You will want 2" of fabric to overhang on each side of the board.


Cut any extra fabric that is around the board, leaving a 2" overhang of fabric around the board. You are going to tuck these ends in and hot glue them down later.


Now for some thumb action! You will want to press your push pins down around the perimeter of your cork board. It will be easy to line them up, because you'll line them up against the wooden frame to the cork board. This really didn't take me too long and I promise your thumb won't hurt too much afterwards... because, it IS cork!


Next, you'll hot glue down the fabric on the top and bottom that is hanging off your cork board. Hot glue it down tightly, you don't want it to be droopy!


Then hot glue each corner and make sure you fold and crease the edges tightly. You'll also want to make sure the fabric overhang doesn't cover your pin boards 'hangers'.


Next, I used my Silhouette Cameo to cut out triangles from scrapbook paper for the mini bunting. I used two different papers in colors that went with the rainbow wall in my daughters room- purple and powder blue. 


I just hot glued the little triangle pieces onto a piece of white pom pom ribbon that I already had.


I looped each end and secured it with one of the push pins. Easy peasy!


I even found some push pins in the same colors that we painted the rainbow wall in her room! Purple, pink, green and white! There were blue push pins, too, but they were too dark so I pulled them out.

I was really happy with how this board turned out and I think the bunting really adds a little girly-ness (I know, that isn't a word!) to it.

Here is what the pin board looks like in her room, I still want to add several more pieces to the wall in front of her desk and on the side of it. One of the pieces I already made was this pom pom embroidery hoop initial (see post HERE). I still need to paint her desk and get matching knobs for it and I need to fix the original chair to the desk (this was my old childhood desk).

Now I just need to make one of these for MY office downstairs since I have one more pin board left. :) The naked pin board looks so plain now down there.

I worked on this board while the kids were at my moms and as soon as Autumn got home and saw it up, she had to 'make' art to hang on it. She already has it all decked out! Isn't this just the cutest pin board you ever saw with her art? :)

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