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Friday, July 10, 2015

Blossom Box for Kids Review and a GIVEAWAY!

I wanted to keep the kids current on their studies this summer, so we have been doing 'Mommy School' at home a few days a week during these summer months. My daughter loves crafts and asked me if 'Mommy School' would include some crafts. I was scratching my head and started doing a search on Pinterest for crafts we could do with supplies we already had at home. However, I didn't get far... That's when I was excited when Blossom Art Box contacted me and sent me their June and July boxes for review! These boxes are  full of educational projects and crafts for the summer months (and beyond) and they were great for my kids who are ages 6 and 9.

If you are interested in Blossom Art Boxes, you can visit their website by going HERE. Blossom Box is a monthly subscription service that delivers a box full of simple, yet inspired crafts to your doorstep each month so you and your child can spend time exploring and creating together. These boxes are nature-inspired crafts that your child (and you) will love!

Each box arrived with a Blossom logo sticker stuck on the outside.

Inside each box was several packaged projects/crafts, a postcard for another craft that you would get supplies for on your own and that months newsletter. I really liked that each craft was bundled up by itself and I didn't have to dig through the box to find what supplies went with which craft.

What you’ll get in each box:
  • 3 crafts or activities that have open-ended aspects to allow for creative expression
  • 1 healthy recipe that goes with our monthly theme
  • 1 newsletter explaining this months theme and offering additional ideas and resources to explore.
  • 1 bonus item. What will it be this month? An additional craft? a game? an add on to another craft? It’s a surprise each month!

June - Flower Box
The newsletter for the June box told you that the theme for this box was 'Flowers'. It goes on to tell you about flowers and even recommends some books for reading and a healthy recipe.

Are you ready to see some of these Activities in Action?

Flower Magnet
I let the kids each pick one activity from the Flower box. Nathan selected the Flower Magnet, which comes with a little ball of clay that you shape into a flower. Then, you let it dry and after that you paint it and stick a magnet on the back. It was really cute and simple!

Here they are, ready to dig in!!

Nathan got his clay out of the plastic sleeve and started to work on making petals for his flower.

This is what his flower looked like after he was done sculpting the clay. We set aside and let it dry for a day.

After it was dry, he missed the powder paint with water and painted it. I'm not sure why he has such a weird face in this photo. ;)

Flower Mobile
Autumn picked an activity that was a little more time intensive, but she is more into crafts than her brother. She selected this adorable flower mobile craft!

This craft came with contact paper, which is sticky on one side. We took the contact paper and peeled off the backing to reveal the sticky side. Then, Autumn stuck the flowers all over HALF of the sticky side.

The box came with some adorable flowers, in all shapes, sizes and colors!

After she was done placing the flowers, we took the other half of the contact paper that did not have flowers on it and folded it over the side that had the flowers to create a flower 'sandwich' between the two layers of contact paper.

We then put pieces of strings through the air pockets to attach the flowers to the strings, creating a mobile! We had already glued to popsicle sticks together to create a hanger. We then tied the strings to the top of the mobile.

Autumn with her flower mobile, she was so excited to take it outside. It really blew around in the wind.

We even hung it in the tree, so I could get some photos of it. It is now currently in her room hanging in her bedroom window. It is so pretty and matches her pink curtains in her room. :)

July - Wind Box

The July box had a Wind theme and had a lot of neat crafts and activities inside it which you'll see some pictured below:

Wooden Wind Chimes
Autumn and 'Elsa' worked on Wooden Wind Chimes together.

Windchime_Aut-Frozen Windchime_Aut-closeup

Nathan worked on a paper pinwheel!

Pinwheel-Nat_pinwheel Pinwheel-Nat_blow

If you are interested in receiving these nature-inspired brown boxes for you and your child(ren) at your home each month, you can learn more about this subscription service by clicking HERE. The boxes are $19.95 a month, but if you buy 3 (perfect for summer break), 6 or 12 boxes at one time, you can get the boxes for even less! You can also gift a box to someone. 

And, because the folks at Blossom Box are SO kind, we will be giving away ONE free box to a lucky winner. Sorry, this giveaway is from the U.S. only. Enter below:

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