Curly Crafty Mom: Holiday Craftacular Link Up: Spooky Table Centerpiece by Momma Lew

Friday, October 16, 2015

Holiday Craftacular Link Up: Spooky Table Centerpiece by Momma Lew

Halloween Holiday Craftacular - Spooky Table Centerpiece

Throughout the year, my blogging friends and I will share our holiday or seasonal projects. Stop here Monday through Friday of this week to see great Halloween decorating projects, crafts and ideas from me and my friends! Plus, share your Halloween project, recipe or craft at the Holiday Craftacular linky party below! We can’t wait to see your Halloween creations! We’ll share our linky party favorites at our next Holiday Craftacular blog hop and on our Holiday Craftacular Pinterest Board! Meet the Holiday Craftacular blogging crew! Please follow your Holiday Craftacular hosts! Also, be sure to visit our next Holiday Craftacular blog hop, which starts November 9th for our Thanksgiving Craftacular blog hop!

Lauren of Mom Home Guide

Becky of The Dempster Logbook

Carrie of Curly Crafty Mom

Reesa of Momma Lew
Now for today's Holiday Craftacular blogger, Reesa!

Hi everyone! I'm Reesa, a lifestyle and parenting blogger. I am from New Jersey. I have been enjoying being apart of this Craftacular because it has gotten me back into playing with my old friend Mr. Hot Glue Gun. I am so glad you have joined us on this month's Holiday Craftacular! Halloween is such a fun time and I am loving seeing what everyone has linked up! 

 DSC_0219 header with text 
One of my favorites from last month's Holiday Craftacular was from Made By ChrissieD. I have tried to sew so many times and I just am sad to say think I am giving up. I would love to create a quilt like the Autumn Golden Gown Jelly Roll Quilt she shared with us last month! 

Spooky Table Centerpiece  
Honestly, up until about a week ago I had no idea what I was going to create for this Halloween Holiday Craftacular! My daughter and I stopped at Michael's on our way home one day while my son was in school and I figured I'd just browse and get some inspiration. Sometimes it is nice not to have a plan and see where your imagination takes you! As soon as I saw these cardboard witch hats, I knew it was going to be the center of something.

Spooky Table Centerpiece  
I really had a hard time letting go of "my" craft project and letting my daughter get involved, but I am glad I did. She did a better job than I would have painting!

 Spooky Table Centerpiece  
We got lucky because everything for Halloween was 40% off, plus I had some amazing coupons from our KidStuff Book. All together we spent a little over $16 on this super cute Spooky Table Centerpiece!

Spooky Table Centerpiece
A little hot glue went a long way with this project. And like I said, since there were no instructions or tutorials, it was all me and my own direction.

Spooky Table Centerpiece  
I love the little black cat peaking out.

Spooky Table Centerpiece
My son picked out the skeleton.

Spooky Table Centerpiece    
Be sure to pin this Spooky Tablepiece and don’t forget… we’ll share our linky party favorites at our next Holiday Craftacular blog hop and on our Holiday Craftacular Pinterest Board!

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