Curly Crafty Mom: My Beloved Gold Target Wine Themed Bar Cart REVEALED!

Friday, March 4, 2016

My Beloved Gold Target Wine Themed Bar Cart REVEALED!

A couple of years ago, I was in Target and I saw this gold bar cart on the shelf. I told Brian I was just in love with it and had to have it... but, there was just no way I was going to spend $99 on it. Well, a month or two later... Valentine's Day rolls around and Brian surprised me with this gold bar cart! I could just picture him rolling it to the check out... LOL! This was Valentine's Day of 2015, believe it or not! 

Well, I FINALLY finished decorating it last month and I am SO excited to share it with you on the blog today. If you follow my blog, I've been sharing sneak peaks of it on a few posts... because, it just makes an awesome place to place foods, drinks, props, etc. for blog posts. But, this is what it looks like everyday... except, I may start to think of ways to change it for certain times of the year. If I do decide to change it up, I'll be sure to share it with y'all!

Now let's take a look at the two shelves separately.

This is the top shelf. Let me share where I found all of these goodies from over the last year:

Black, gold & silver lamp - Home Goods
Golden Mirror Tray, Candle, Napkins - World Market
Hex Mirror on Wall, B/W Spotted Frame, Gold Polka Dot Wine Glasses & Straw Holder - Hobby Lobby
Gold Spike, Cheers Straws - Target
Wine Tag - Found when shopping with friends down on Main Street St. Charles (can't remember name of store)
Glass Vase with Wine Corks - Crate & Barrel

This photo shows a close up of how I decorated the mirror tray. This mirror tray was a must-have item for this bar cart. The reflection the mirror gives adds more interest to the cart and it separates these items and breaks up the cart into 'sections'.

I searched high and low for a lamp for the bar cart and when I saw this black, gold and silver lamp at Home Goods, I KNEW it would be perfect. It looks lovely on the mirror tray and is reflective, too!

BarCart4World Market always has the neatest items that you would just never find somewhere else. This candle is in a recycled Pinot Noir bottle! When I saw this at the store, I knew it would be perfect for my wine-themed bar cart.

A fun wine tag I picked up while I was out visiting craft and antique stores with friends.

BarCart6Target Dollar Spot does it again, what can I say? I picked these 'Cheers' straws up and they fit perfectly with the bar cart.

I've had a lot of people ask me if these wine glasses were a DIY project. Nope, 40% off at Hobby Lobby is the best! I got these glasses for cheap! No gold sharpie needed!

Hanging on the bar cart is this dish towel that I made with my Silhouette machine. You can see the project by clicking HERE. I also added a fun black and white bow to the top of it.

Here is the bottom of the bar cart. This is where I've found the items for the bottom shelf:

Gold Initial 'A', White Geometric Object, Fabric Book Covers, White Fur Rug - Hobby Lobby
Clear Wine Holder, Basket - Target
Wine, Water - Schnucks Grocers
Wine Glasses - Gifted

Some bottles of our favorite wine in a clear wine holder from Target. There was a lot of space in-between the top and bottom shelf, so I added some fabric covered books to the top of the wine bottle holder to add some height.

Fabric covered books, you can see the DIY project by clicking HERE.

I filled this basket up with some fancy bottled water and wine glasses.

ANd... that my friends is my wine-themed bar cart. Finally. I am so stinking proud of it. And, dang... it takes me forever to decorate something! Now, I just need to finish decorating the rest of our family room. Whew.

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