Curly Crafty Mom: Front Porch Makeover: Outdoor Lighting Refresh {Curb Appeal Blog Hop}

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Front Porch Makeover: Outdoor Lighting Refresh {Curb Appeal Blog Hop}

It is Week 3 of the Curb Appeal Blog Hop! The first week I shared the 'before' photos and my future plans on how the spruce up the front porch. The second week I shared the newly painted door (from brown to white) and the monogramed decal I added to it. I also shared our newly stained bench (still waiting on the new cushion). Today I am sharing our new outdoor wall light!

Light3 Light4
I've been wanting to get a new outdoor wall light for our porch for awhile now. I'm not sure how old the existing light was, but we've been at this house for over 10 years and have never replaced it. It was faded and well, it just looked old... it needed to be replaced! I was excited to work with Lamps Plus on finding a new light. They had so many outdoor lighting options. After browsing their site and reading several reviews on various lights, I selected the Bellagio Collection 24" High Outdoor Wall Light. This light came preassembled and is larger than our old light. I love the champagne hammered glass, the scroll design on the top and bottom and the bronze finish.

Comparison Photo:
Here is a comparison photo, in the first photo (left) you'll see the new light and in the second photo (right) you'll see the old light.

And, this is what the light looked like after it was taken off the house. It isn't attractive at all!

My husband was kind enough to install the light and I had him write up a review about the installation and also he added some tips for installing a light. I think you'll enjoy it. :)

Installing a Light 
by Mr. Curly Crafty Mom'

Let’s face it: Installing a light should be easy. Connect three wires, tighten a bolt or two and you’re done. At least, that’s what I thought when Curly Crafty Mom dropped this project in my lap. Two hours and a trip to Lowes later, my bubble had been burst. It wasn’t the light’s fault. It’s a nice light. I actually really like the light. It’s stylish, well behaved, and cooperated with me the whole time. It really wanted to go on our wall but the wall was having none of it.

Tips for Installing a light:

1. Measure the light’s base plate and figure out where your current light attaches to the wall.  The light I installed was much larger (19” vs. 8”) than the one that was previously on the wall.  It attached in the center, while the original light attached at the top. This forced me to take the siding off and move the electrical box down about 6” lower.

2. Wasps like to build nests in electrical boxes, and they don’t really like it when you install lights on their wall. This ones’s not really a tip but a warning. 

3. Siding is easy to take off but hard to put back on. A siding tool makes it much easier. You should just buy one.

4. Caulk makes everything alright.  In one of your Lowes trips, buy some caulk the same color as your siding.  I used it to fill in any visible gaps and it made the install look much more professional.

5. Connecting the wires is the easy part.  Be sure to turn off the electricity first, ideally at the circuit breaker.

We had a really good experience with Lamps Plus and I will consider them again in the future! They are the nation's largest lighting retailer. They were founded in the 1970's and strive to offer top of the name brands, wonderful service, a large selection (over 70,000 designs) and good value. They sell a variety of items, including chandeliers, lamps, wall lights, home decor and more.


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Are you interested in updating your outdoor light(s)? Be sure to check out my Outdoor Lighting Ideas Pinterest board HERE or to visit Lamps Plus!

Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Lamps Plus sent me an outdoor light in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% mine.
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