Curly Crafty Mom: July Monthly Goals

Friday, July 1, 2016

July Monthly Goals

This year I've decided to set three monthly goals for myself each month. These will be lighter goals that I should be able to finish within the month. I used to do yearly resolutions, but I wanted to try out monthly goals this year. I am really enjoying it so far and I feel like I accomplished a lot with my January-June Goals. The recap for my June Goals will be at the bottom of this post.

So, here are my July Goals!

1. Paint Hallway Bathroom
I was recently contacted by a company to try out a stencil. I've been wanting to paint our hallway bathroom and stencil one of the walls in there, so I agreed to the collaboration! 

Unfortunately, we need to paint the bathroom before I can stencil the wall... and, the wall I chose may be a little difficult to stencil given that the sink, mirror, lights and toilet are on that wall! But, I'm up for the challenge. The bathroom is painted a minty color right now and I am just not loving it anymore... not sure if I ever did. I want to lighten up the room a lot with light gray paint and I'll probably do the stencil in a dark gray. 

Of course, I won't stop at just painting the bathroom. I'd love to paint the vanity, get a near mirror, faucet, lighting AND a ruffled shower curtain. But, getting it painted is my goal for July!

2. Pack for Italy
I hate waiting until the last minute to pack... I would love to figure out my outfits and what I need for Italy ahead of time... especially since we will be staying in three different hotels and moving our luggage from airport to train to train to airport. I want to pack smart and not be lugging around extra items with me that I don't really need. 

I recently did a post HERE about 3 Outfit Ideas for Italy which Social Fabric also recently promoted via Facebook.

3. Get Ring Cleaned/Inspected
I am about 6 months late on this... so, I'd love to get to the jeweler to get my wedding rings inspected and cleaned. There is also a BBQ place near the jeweler that I don't get to visit very often, since it's about 25-30 minutes away. They have the best key lime pie.

How did I do on my June Goals?

1. Eat Better for Marathon Training
I have been trying to keep track of my calories and how many carbs, fats, proteins, etc. I am eating with SparkPeople. I was using Fat Secret, but had used SparkPeople in the past and I actually like it better and decided to go back to it. I didn't do the best at this and I know with two almost back to back vacations, it's going to be near impossible. So, I think I am going to try to eat and track calories better after we get back from Italy. The summer is SO hard, we aren't at home and are running from one play date to another... I'll get a better grip on it near the end of July/beginning of August.

2. Get a Massage
The massage that I treated myself to on vacation was one of the highlights on the trip for me. I haven't had a massage in awhile and every time I get one, I feel as though I should do them more often! 

After the massage I spent 20 minutes in the hot grotto pool and then 5 minutes in the ice room! 

Since I scheduled my massage so early (8 a.m.!), I had the hot pool ALL to myself! It was sooo nice!

3. Select Vacation Outfits for the Kids and Me
Everything was packed for our vacation and ready ahead of time, which was VERY good for me!

And, my friend Lauren from Mom Home Guide is also sharing her monthly goals today!

Are you doing monthly goals? What are they? I'd love to hear about them in the comments!
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