Curly Crafty Mom: The Creative Corner Link Up Party & Weekly Recap - 07/31/16

Sunday, July 31, 2016

The Creative Corner Link Up Party & Weekly Recap - 07/31/16

Welcome back to our DIY/Craft Link Up Party! Thank you for stopping by every week!

Today I am going to do something a little different from my usual feature and weekly recap! Since I have gotten back from Italy, I've had a hard time catching up on everything with the blog and at home (back to school is in full mode around here!). I have several posts scheduled for next week, but I still wanted to squeeze in my August Goals (and a brief report on how I did on my July Goals). SO, today I'm going to do that so that I can get this post out at the start of August and not overwhelm you (or myself) with 2 posts on the same day this week. :)

I have met ALL of my goals every month this year, except in July when we got back from one vacation and then left for Italy... whew, everything sort of got unorganized. So, I'm picking up the pieces and starting over in August!

More goals for August:

1. Tidy Up the Backyard - there are some vines growing that SHOULDN'T be, I need to clean up our clematis and there are some flowers in pots that are dead and need to be repotted again with something later this fall (such as mums!). I just need to take some time on a cooler day and enjoy some time out in the garden. Mostly, it is ok... but, there are a few spots that are eyes sores for me right now.

2. Eat More Veggies at Lunch - my friend Katie recently SnapChatted a photo of her lunch and it was just a plate full of delicious looking veggies. Now, I don't think I could eat just that for lunch and get by until dinner... but, I do need to add more veggies to my day and I think I am going to eat a small plate of cold veggies along with my regular lunch most days in August!

3. Try and Finish Up July Goals (Paint the Hall Bathroom and Get Wedding Ring Inspected) - these are the 2 goals I didn't finish in July and I really need to paint the bathroom since I was sent a stencil to review for a blog collaboration. And, getting my wedding ring inspected won't be too difficult... it's the bathroom that I need to get going on. ;)

And, as for my July goals... the only goal I finished of the 3 was packing for Italy! I actually did really good with that and got it done several days before we left. Which... was good since our power went out the DAY before we left for Italy and didn't turn back on until we had left! Crazy! My poor husband was packing in the dark!

Also, my friend Lauren from Mom Home Guide is also sharing her August Goals tonight! Be sure to stop by to read more about her goals.

Now, don't forget to link up any of your fun DIY/craft projects that you've been working on lately!
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