Curly Crafty Mom: Personalized Initial with Wine Corks, Burlap & Jute

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Personalized Initial with Wine Corks, Burlap & Jute

Today I am going to share with you the craft that I made last Friday when I had my friends over for our first Pinterest party. I have been wanting to make a wine cork filled initial for a long time now. Of course, I couldn't just do an initial with only wine corks... that is wayyy too boring! I decided to wrap half of the 'A' in burlap ribbon, use black jute to frame in the middle of the 'A' and then on the other half of the 'A' I hot glued the wine corks on it. I bought some black ribbon and combined it with the leftover burlap ribbon and made a bow for the top of it. I LOVELOVELOVE how it turned out!

Wooden Initial (you could also cut out a letter with cardboard)
Spray Paint (I used gold)
Wine Corks (Used or Target has big boxes of them for $10 each. I used 1.5 boxes to fill up half my initial. Do not go to HobLobs, they were selling wine corks in little bags of 5-6 for $5 each!)
Roll of Burlap Ribbon
Additional ribbon or burlap for a bow
Hot glue gun

First, you want to spray paint your initial so that you don't see the bare wood in between the wine corks and edges of the initial. You don't have to, it just makes it prettier. I had some leftover gold spray paint from another project, so I was set. It takes 15 minutes to dry.

I didn't really take photos during the process since we were all chitchatting during the party. After the spray paint dried, the first thing I did was wrap the black jute around and around the center of the 'A'. I picked black, because it compliments the black in the Paris burlap ribbon I used. While wrapping the jute around, I would hot glue it here and there to help it stay in place.

Next, I wrapped the burlap ribbon around just one side of the 'A'. This is a rather large wooden 'A', so I saved a lot of money and time by wrapping half the 'A' in ribbon instead of hot gluing the entire initial with wine corks. I also think it looks so much more stylish this way and it gives it more visual interest. Plus, I always love a variety of textures with the cork, jute and burlap! You'll want to secure the burlap with hot glue as you're wrapping it so it stays put!

After that, I just needed to cover the initial on the other side of the 'A' with wine corks. You'll see now why its so important to spray paint the initial, because the wine corks are all different sizes and lengths and they don't cover the initial perfectly. I am in love with gold right now, so love the gold peaking out from the burlap and wine corks.

The last step was making the bow and since I didn't have a lot of burlap ribbon leftover, I made most of it from the black ribbon I had purchased to go with the burlap. The black ribbon is wavy on the end and the gracefulness ties together well with the coarse burlap.

Here are the steps again:
1. Spray paint your wooden or cardboard initial
2. If your letter has a middle (like an 'A' or 'H') or if you want to add some interest to it, wrap jute (comes in different color) around this area. Hot glue to secure.
3. Wrap one side of your letter in burlap ribbon. Hot glue to secure.
4. Hot glue wine corks on the other side of your letter.
5. Make a bow and add to the corner of the letter or the center
6. You can prop it up somewhere or my wooden letter from HobLobs has a hanger on the back of it. You can always buy hanging equipment, too. 

As you'll see here, all the different sizes and shapes of the corks give a lot of visual interest to the initial.

I really love how this project turned out, since Brian proposed to me in Paris I have been adding a lot of Paris touches in our main living area. This initial couldn't be more perfect with our last name initial and the wine corks and Paris burlap!

I took photos of the initial outside for better lighting... but, this initial will actually be hung with the rest of our gallery wall that I am currently working on! Stay tuned for photos of our gallery wall later this summer!

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