Curly Crafty Mom: A VeggieTales Road Trip

Monday, April 27, 2015

A VeggieTales Road Trip

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When I picked up Autumn from school early last week for a doctor appointment, they were watching a VeggieTales movie. She was so excited to see the VeggieTales display at Wal-Mart!! ๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ…๐Ÿ… You can see she found two little veggies to take
Last weekend we were out of town for a wedding and we wanted to load up on some refreshments at Wal-Mart before our drive back home. We watch VeggieTales at home and my daughters teacher even plays VeggieTales movies at school for my daughters class every once in awhile. When my daughter saw the VeggieTales display, she got SO excited and couldn't decide which VeggieTales character to take home with her...

My husband and son were still in the car, since it was raining and Autumn and I were just running in the store real quick. I texted him and asked which VeggieTales character Nathan would want... can you guess?!
Nathan wanted LARRY... and the BIG Larry! So, of course... Autumn put back the two little ones she had decided upon and pulled out a BIG Larry for her to take home, too! Oh boy!

Somehow... the two big Larry's landed up in the cucumber section with Autumn... We were having WAY too much fun on a Sunday morning at Wal-Mart!

Of course, last minute... Autumn decided she wanted her original two characters again and off to the check out we went. Once we got back to the car, Nathan was delighted when he saw his HUGE Larry cucumber! You have to admit, aren't they cute together?!

Nathan even thought we should maybe buckle Larry in... since... he is so big. :)


Autumn decided on the middle sized Larry and it plays music and dances. So neat! You can see her turning it on in this photo. We listened to his tunes the entire ride home.

You'll see in this photo that the iPads are closed and the kids are snuggling and playing with their new VeggieTales characters! We had to snap one last photo before the drive home!

I am excited my kids have some toys that go together with a great show that always has a good message. My kids can sing and play all day long with their VeggieTales and my son loves using his huge Larry as a pillow at night to sleep with. There are so many shows out there these days, but I know that the VeggieTales always teaches my kids important values and helps to nourish their faith.
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