Curly Crafty Mom: Holiday Craftacular Link Up: Living Room Console Table Decorated for Fall by Mom Home Guide

Monday, September 21, 2015

Holiday Craftacular Link Up: Living Room Console Table Decorated for Fall by Mom Home Guide

Welcome to the First Ever Holiday Craftacular Blog Hop!


Throughout the year, my blogging friends and I will share our holiday or seasonal projects. Stop here Monday through Friday of this week to see great fall decorating projects, crafts and ideas from me and my friends! Plus, share your fall project, recipe or craft at the Holiday Craftacular linky party below!

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Lauren of Mom Home Guide

Becky of The Dempster Logbook

Carrie of Curly Crafty Mom

Tee of Beauteeful Living

Reesa of Momma Lew

Now for today's Holiday Craftacular blogger, Lauren!

Hi! This is Lauren from Mom Home Guide. Today I am sharing how I decorated my living room's console table for fall. 

fall console table or mantel
I love decorating my living room's console table! The console table was an unfinished shaker-style table that I bought online. I stained the top of the table in a dark walnut color and painted the legs a cheery yellow!

console or mantel table decorated for fall

I like to use the console table for seasonal decorations. I am always changing the table's decor!

For this year's fall decor, I filled a glass case with brightly colored candy corn and gummy worms. I then added some faux flowers in yellow and white to the vase, and my simple fall centerpiece was complete! (I wrapped the faux flowers in plastic wrap to keep the candy clean so my kids could later eat the candy!).

candy corn vase centerpiece

On top of the table, I stretched a length of orange burlap ribbon and added a length of glittery orange ribbon on top. I love how the orange looks against the walnut stain of the table!

To the left of the centerpiece I placed a grapevine wreath that I wrapped with a long piece of orange chevron wired ribbon for extra fall color.

Grapevine wreath wrapped with a chevron burlap wreath

After that, I added  a yellow lantern I already had, and pumpkins that I picked up at the dollar store. Most of my decor was from the dollar store (except the vase that I already had, and the candy that I bought elsewhere.) This was an inexpensive project!

After my kids ate some of the candy -- it's hard to resist candy corn -- I switched out the candy corn vase and added a blue ceramic owl lantern. I collect owls -- they are a symbol for my alma mater, Bryn Mawr College. Plus, I think the owl lantern adds an extra fall touch! Happy Fall, everyone!

fall console table

Visit here tomorrow to see how my friend Carrie of Curly Crafty Mom has decorated her porch for fall! (Her porch is just adorable!)

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