Curly Crafty Mom: Front Porch Makeover - Before Photos & Ideas {Curb Appeal Blog Hop}

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Front Porch Makeover - Before Photos & Ideas {Curb Appeal Blog Hop}

I am excited to share with you the Curb Appeal Blog Hop that I'll be participating in for the next four weeks! I have joined several other bloggers in this weekly series (every Tuesday, except today's post is on Wednesday since I ran behind- oops!) where we are working to beautify the curb appeal on our homes. In our first post we are sharing before photos of the front areas of our home and our thoughts on how to make it look better. Then, the next two Tuesdays we will be sharing blog projects. The fourth post will be a REVEAL post on how we've added some lovely curb appeal to our homes! We will also have a GIVEAWAY on the fourth post, so you'll definitely want to stop by for that!

Before Photos/How the Porch Looks Now
This is what my front porch looks like right now. As you can see, the flowers are blooming and I have planted some annuals. I did spruce up my porch last year (see post HERE) by adding some new pillows to the bench and I purchased and monogrammed two urns on each side of our door with the 'A' in our last name.

The galvanized bucket on the stand says 'Carrie's Garden' and was new to my porch last year. I hung a lavender wreath off of it last year, but I had to throw it out. The porch light by our front door is old and the metal on it looks rather dull. I will be working with Lamps Plus to update our light to something new and on trend.

I am planning on painting our door white. I think the brown is too dark and our neighbor has the same colored house and I love their white door (do you ever copy off your neighbor???). I also want to get a bigger door mat, this one is just a tad small.

My Plans for the Porch

Once again, here are my plans for the front porch:

New Wreath - I have a summer wreath in our basement, I just need to take our spring wreath down and hang up the summer wreath

New Door Mat - I will either get this at Target or Hobby Lobby. It needs to be bigger to fit the length of the door and I am interested in getting one that is a little thicker.

Paint the Door White - I am planning on working on this over Memorial Day. I may even make a vinyl overlay for the door, such as 'Welcome' or 'Hello'.

Stain the Wooden Bench - Another project I may start over Memorial Day weekend.

Try to Get Mildew Off Bench Cover/Replace - Our bench cover has some mildew on it along the front and I am wondering if I can take a magic eraser to it to get it off. Otherwise, I'll see if I can come up with another remedy. If I can't get the mildew off, we'll be replacing the bench cover. It is an odd size, though and I'm wondering if it'll be possible to replace it.

Tear Out and Replace Dying Bush - On the right, to the right of the pink/white pinwheel you will see a bush that is half dead. I want to hire someone to rip this bush out and then I want to plant a new bush (probably the same kind) in the same spot. It is an eye sore and it started dying last year... 

Replace Porch Light with Newer Fixture - Thanks to Lamps Plus, who is one of our sponsors for our Curb Appeal Blog Hop, I will be picking out a new porch light with something trendier that will work better with our front porch.

Some Decor Items -  I might be working with another sponsor on selecting some decor items for the porch. In any case, I do need a few more items on the porch to tie in everything together.

Some of these projects will be harder than others... but, the reason I decided to jump on board with the other bloggers is so that I can finally get my porch cleaned up for this summer! Yes, it looks ok as is for now... but, it could look a lot better! Next Tuesday I will be sharing an update along with a project I've completed to get my porch looking much better!

Please be sure to stop by my friends’ blogs to check out what they plan for the curb appeal projects. Also, stop by next week to see what I’ve completed for the first part of my project!

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What do you think of my porch? Any ideas you'd like to share?
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