Curly Crafty Mom: Glittery St. Patrick's Day Banner

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Glittery St. Patrick's Day Banner

Valentine's Day. Check. Are you ready for some St. Patrick's Day crafts? I am! I am hoping to take the kids to their first ever St. Patrick's Day parade this year since their Spring Break falls on St. Patrick's Day and I won't be working. Hoorah! I have been wanting to make a banner for awhile and I thought that a St. Patrick's Day banner would be perfect! For now, it'll be decor in the home and later I'll use it for the St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt AND perhaps we'll hang it on the side of the wagon for when we attend the parade. I wanted to create a simple yet attractive banner, so I pulled out the glitter without the mess, I promise... and, of course... I had to dip the burlap triangles in gold!

Ready to learn the details on this easy and glittery banner?

The supplies are pretty basic:
- Roll of Burlap
- Green Leaf Colored Paint, Small Paint brushes
- Gold Spray Paint
- Green Glitter Glue (see, I told you... mess free!)
- Something to trace with 
- Twine or Ribbon
- Clover Leaf and Triangle Template, download free template HERE

Lay your burlap down and trace around the triangle from the template six times. If you want a longer banner, you can do more.

Cut out the triangles

To add a gold tip to the bottom of each triangle, place a sheet of paper over all of the triangle except for the tip and spray the tip with gold spray paint. One coat will do, let it dry for 15 minutes.

Then, cut out the clover leaf from the template and put it UNDERNEATH the burlap triangle. You will be able to see the paper cloverleaf easily through the burlap. Trace around the cloverleaf with a fine paint brush... You will prefer this method, because the clover leaf won't move around as easily and you'll be able to paint right over the edges to get a better defined cloverleaf. 

Remove the paper template from under the burlap and then paint the rest of the cloverleaf green. It is easier to paint along the straight 'hairs' of the burlap. Don't use a lot of paint or it'll fill in the 'holes' of the burlap, which will make it look messy and less defined.

Once the paint has dried, you can take the green glitter close and apply it over the cloverleaf to give it a glittery texture. Once again, apply the glue along the burlap 'hairs', so you'll be gluing in a lot of straight lines. The glitter glue will take awhile to dry, I would let it set for at least 2 hours.

Once the green glitter glue has dried, you can put your thread/string through the burlap to create your banner. This should be fairly easy since the burlap has little holes in-between its hairs. Leave a little extra string on each side of the banner so that you can hang it.

My string that I used was really slick/slippery, so I used a little bit of hot glue to adhere the banner from the back onto the string so that it wouldn't budge once I hung it up.

Hang it up by tying one side first, then the other side. I hung mine on the middle shelf of our buffet rack in our eating area of the kitchen. 

I really think that if I hadn't of added the glittery paint, this banner would have looked really flat. I love how it looks and the sunlight really makes it twinkle!

I don't really have a lot of St. Patrick's Day decorations, I have a lot more Easter stuff to pull out... but, I really love how it looks displayed on the buffet rack. If you look, you'll see a St.  Patrick's Day sign I purchased at Hobby Lobby that is printed on a burlap frame, I love how the burlap banner looks in front of this burlap frame.

I am looking forward to sharing another St. Patrick's Day craft with you soon and also next month I will be preparing the St. Patrick's Day Scavenger Hunt and Feast! Click HERE and HERE to see photos from last year.

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