Curly Crafty Mom: Front Porch Makeover: New Bench Pillows & GIVEAWAY {Curb Appeal Blog Hop}

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Front Porch Makeover: New Bench Pillows & GIVEAWAY {Curb Appeal Blog Hop}

It's the FINAL week of the Curb Appeal Blog Hop! This week I am sharing the final REVEAL and new bench pillows from Paint-A-Pillow

Before I share the REVEAL of our front porch, let's talk pillows! Paint-A-Pillow sent me THREE pillows to paint and share on my Curb Appeal post this week. I had never heard of them until they became one of the sponsors for our Curb Appeal Blog Hop. How it works is you go on their website and select a pillow design. The send you a stencil, the paint, pillow case AND pillow form! You can also buy accessories for your pillows, they sent me tassels for one of the pillows. It is a lot of fun to paint your own pillows!

This is what the painting kit looks like that you receive. Inside the accessory box is your paint, brush, roller, etc.

Here is what it looked like once I had my table set up to paint. The pillow canvas sits under the stencil and you use the roller and paint brush to paint over the stencil. It is SO easy and I had no problem with bleed through!

Ta-Da! The finished piece!

I am still waiting on my NEW bench cushion, but... here is how the new pillows look on the bench. I just love them, so bright and cheery! I went with three nature-themed pillows in grays and yellows.

Here is a close up of one of the tassels. I went with gray tassels, they really pop out against the yellow on the other pillows.

This is such a pretty space! I just love to sit out on our front porch now... reading a book, sipping some hot tea or watching the kids play in the front yard.

And, are you ready for the FINAL reveal???

I think the BIGGEST impact was painting the door white. What do you think?

I still have a list of a few things I'd like to wrap up this summer on the porch. 5 weeks was just not enough time to get everything done. Maybe in the fall I will share a final update of the front porch after I knock out all of what I wanted to accomplish. Here is what I need to do still:

  • Receive new bench cushion (should arrive before July 1st)
  • DIY a 'thin' wreath for the front door
  • Dig out the dying bush and replace with a new bush (its a real sore spot)
And, don't forget to check out Paint-A-Pillow to customize and PAINT your own pillows!

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Be sure to check out Paint a Pillow if you are looking to freshen up your indoor or outdoor pillows.

Full Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. Paint a Pillow sent me product in exchange for this post. All opinions are 100% mine.
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