Curly Crafty Mom: This Month's Freezer Meal: Skinny Spinach Smoothie

Monday, March 10, 2014

This Month's Freezer Meal: Skinny Spinach Smoothie

Are you ready for this month's freezer meal? Well, we've done a couple of breakfast entrees, a dessert and a pasta casserole... I thought it was time to do something a little different and so I decided upon a freezer safe DRINK. And, not only can you prep this drink in individual freezer safe bags or mason jars, it is also SKINNY... as in, LOW CALORIE! Whoop! AND, it tastes really, really good! Whoop, whoop!!

What I love about this smoothie is that it is so simple... it has minimal ingredients and so you aren't tearing your whole fridge apart to make it. I tried Pioneer Woman's green smoothie recipe in her cookbook and it had a TON of ingredients and took me forevers to make... plus, it was really heavy and not low on calories. It was delicious, though and I never think of Pioneer Woman's recipes as low calorie ones, but I still love them. You can see my blog post about her smoothie HERE. I can't wait to try her orange and purple smoothies in her new cookbook next.


1/2 cup of Almond Milk, Original Flavor, 60 calories (there is a light version at 40 calories per serving, but I have heard it isn't as tasty)

2 Cups of Spinach - 15 calories

1/2 cup of frozen fruit, either pineapple or mango - 55 calories

1/2 of a small banana - 35 calories

Total Calories: 165 per drink

To make individual freezer bags or mason jars (you'll want the smaller mason jars), follow these steps:
1. Place the fruit on the bottom of the jar
2. Place the spinach on top
3. Place in freezer and move to refrigerator the night before you want to prepare the drink. If you forget to move it to the refrigerator, you will still be able to blend it, but it may be hard to remove it if you have it in the mason jar. You can run the outside edges of the mason jar with hot water so it isn't a solid mass, but it is much easier to just thaw it out the night before drinking it. If you freeze it in the bags, it is much easier to break up and remove it if you want to use it directly from the freezer.

Don't forget to cut up your banana before you place it in the freezer bag, this will make it easier for your blender to cut it up.

If you want to prepare this drink from fresh without freezing it, it is still really, really easy to prepare in next to no time! This drink pictured above was prepared fresh while I was shooting photos for this blog post. I garnished it with a strawberry on the side and poured it into a darling martini glass. I love 'dressing' drinks, do you?

The instructions for this smoothie are the same if you make it up fresh or if you are making it from the freezer bag/mason jar. First, place 2 cups of spinach into your blender (I use the Ninja).

Then pour a half cup of the Almond Milk into the blender, blend really well so that it is completely smooth... this will make it so that you don't 'taste' the spinach!

Place your pineapple OR mango and the half banana in the blender and blend until smooth,

Don't forget to garnish your drink with a cute little strawberry and straw.

I have to say... this makes such a cute little green drink for St. Patrick's Day.

Now that I've made a skinny version of a green smoothie, I am starting to wonder what other skinny smoothies I can make... I will say, I am totally addicted to the Silk Almond Milk right now... it has 50% more calories than regular milk, too! I haven't even tried the different flavors they offer it in, I will need to see how many calories they are first. I hope you enjoy this smoothie, I really think this makes a perfect little treat for the morning or after a work out! Yum!

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